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DoobTool Inventor Hopes To Dismantle Stoner Stereotypes With His New Cannabis Multi-Tool

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There’s a new gadget on the market for adventurous cannabis consumers. The DoobTool is an all-in-one kit to help people have a puff on the go. It contains scissors, a grinding card, a tray for collecting ground flower, a roach clip, a poker, a hemp wick spool, a dabbing tool and a little brush for cleaning up afterward — all in a plastic, smell-proof case that looks like an Otter Box.

Combined, the new multi-tool is designed to serve active consumers while also dismantling stoner stereotypes, according to DoobTool inventor and co-founder Brett Evans.

The DoobTool brand is focused on changing the image of cannabis, and changing the different stigmas that have been built over the miseducation and misrepresentation through prohibition,” Evans told Civilized. We’re really eager to be the catalyst, or be one of the people that are putting a product or symbol out there to change the consciousness of cannabis.”

He hopes to do that by boosting the image of cannabis consumers as healthy, active people.

We’re really big on pushing the active lifestyle and chipping away at those stigmas. I think that would be the biggest thing,” Evans added. We’re just excited to move forward in this brand new industry, and we’ll see what happens once cannabis becomes legal.”

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