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Founder’s Spotlight: Reimagine Wellness

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CBD brands are popping up in every category, touting their products for various physical, mental and spiritual ailments. With such a vast array of brands on the market today, it is the unique, mission-forward brands offering high quality product that stands out among the rest. In comes Reimagine Wellness — founded in 2020 by Lyn Christensen, Jorge C. Inda Meza and Marco Hoffman. Reimagine’s product line features carefully hand-blended formulations crafted for specific wellness goals. The products emphasize distinctive supplements that combine broad spectrum hemp, rare cannabinoids and organic botanicals formulated in vegetable glycerin. 

The founders, Lyn, Jorge and Marco all share a love and appreciation for nature and feel that Mother Earth is the beholder of valuable plant medicines for whole-body wellness. Lyn spent most of her career advising top family offices, technology and private equity firms. Lyn is an expert in start-up operations and human resources. She has founded two start-ups as well as helping to build two more with Elon Musk. 

I love product companies but I had never been involved with products that transformed my life in a personal way, says Lyn. Marco’s products did that and I knew we needed to bring them to the market.”

Jorge is an entrepreneur and startup mentor. We live in a time of massive change. Modern life has brought us tremendous benefits but also put a lot pressure on our physical and mental wellness,” says Jorge. We believe the key to living a fuller, happier life lies in restoring our connection to plant medicine and following the wisdom of nature. That’s why Reimagine exists.”

We believe the key to living a fuller, happier life lies in restoring our connection to plant medicine and following the wisdom of nature. That’s why Reimagine exists.
- Jorge C. Inda Meza

He grew up in Guadalajara, Mexico but has since studied and lived all over the world, an experience which he credits his deep respect and appreciation for people’s unique views of the world, wherever they might come from. Jorge’s early career was in large companies, but he’s most recently worked with small businesses to bring plant-based solutions to life, and help people who seek a new path to healthy living.

Marco is a very engaging individual with deep knowledge around plant science. He has built two successful plant-based companies. He is the creator of the iconic 4.20 Bar and founded one of the largest and most loved beverage and edibles companies in Washington. In 2016, utilizing new technology and molecular science, Marco experimented with blending tinctures using premium hemp and organic botanicals. When he shared his new formulas with friends and family, he got remarkable reactions.

Hence the birth of Reimagine. Once Lyn tried Marco’s formulations, she hounded him for two years to build his products into a company with her and Jorge. Marco received the same feedback and encouragement from so many people that it prompted Marco to advance his original vision– the vision that hemp can unlock profound health and healing benefits. The Cannabis or Hemp revolution that we are experiencing is actually a resurgence, says Marco, Our endocannabinoid system in our bodies indicates that humans have had a symbiotic relationship with this plant for tens of thousands of years and have evolved side by side. It is my profound believe that this Cannabis revolution that we are experiencing today will help humanity rediscovered the power of ALL plant based medicines and in doing so will aid creating a new consciousness, mindfulness and harmony with the natural world.”

The current product line offers 4 unique blends: Shape, Slumber, Zen, and Relief. Each blend targets specific needs for the consumer. Shape helps manage appetite, Slumber is a sleep-aid, Zen offers mood enhancement and Relief assists in the treatment of chronic aches and pains. All of the formulations utilize rare cannabinoids, organic botanicals and adaptogen technology, a major differentiator among the multitude of cannabinoid products available on the market today.

The Reimagine team is a dream team,” says Lyn. We each have our areas of expertise but we partner well and can even deal with disagreements in a productive and collaborative way. It has lead to a stronger result and a high degree of trust and integrity, along with some great humor.”

For more information or to purchase products, visit https://​getreimag​ine​.com/ Use discount code: CIV20 for 20% off your purchase! 

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