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Here’s How Much Money Each Canadian Province and Territory Reaped on Day One of Cannabis Legalization

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Recreational cannabis is already a huge hit in Canada. Although the exact figures haven’t been determined, estimates suggest that Canada sold over C$3,000,000 ($2,287,185 USD) of cannabis on day one of legalization.

Here’s how much each Canadian province and territory sold on day one, ranked from least to most according to numbers gathered by Global News.

13 – 10. New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nunavut and Saskatchewan

Five regions could not or simply have not reported their sales totals for day one of legalization.

The government of Saskatchewan is not tracking legal cannabis sales, so we don’t know how much weed they sold on day one. While the province had licensed 51 retailers prior to legalization becoming law, only a handful of them were reportedly open come October 17. So the prairie province likely underperformed compared to the rest of the country. 

The territory of Nunavut as well as the province of Newfoundland and Labrador have also established private retail models within their respective jurisdictions, so the regional governments do not have hard numbers for cannabis sales as of yet.

Meanwhile, Cannabis NB — the provincially owned chain of stores that conducts all legal cannabis sales in New Brunswick — has decided not to release their numbers yet. We want to take the extra time to do a manual analysis of our foot traffic, sales, and inventory to ensure that they are all function as prescribe,” a Cannabis NB spokesperson told Global News.

9. Northwest Territories

Like New Brunswick, the Northwest Territories has not released an exact number for their total cannabis sales on Day One. But we do know that the region did have an eventful day. CBC reports that the government-run Northwest Territories Liquor and Cannabis Commission (NWTLCC) store located in NWT’s capital of Yellowknife sold out of product on October 17.

That’s enough to put them ahead of the regions that had no figures to report from Wednesday’s sales. 

8. British Columbia

BC couldn’t offer a complete picture of cannabis sales on day one as the province has adopted a hybrid model in which private retailers are operating alongside provincially owned sellers. Estimates suggest that BC made at least 9,980 sales on day one and that government-run market reaped at least C$41,000 ($31,258 USD).

The actual number, however is probably much higher than that.

7. Yukon

Yukon saw 1,041 visitors at Cannabis Yukon locations while another 736 people visited the territory’s online store on day one of legalization, according to Yukon News. That led to a total of C$59,900 ($45,667 USD) in cannabis sales on October 17. 

6. Prince Edward Island

Canada’s smallest province made a big splash on Day One. Prince Edward Island’s government-run locations — PEI Cannabis — saw C$152,408 ($116,195 USD) in sales on October 17.

5. Quebec

The Société québécoise du cannabis reported approximately 42,000 sales between their retail and online stores. They didn’t provide any money figures but a low estimate based on the cheapest product of C$5.25 ($4) puts sales at at least $220,500 ($168,108 USD).

4. Manitoba

Like its neighbor Saskatchewan, Manitoba is also operation on a private retail system, making sales hard to track. However, Delta 9 alone made C$325,000 ($247,778 USD) in sales between their online shop and brick-and-mortar location in Winnipeg. There are six other retailers located in the province, and while they might not have done quite as well as Delta 9, we can safely assume that they made a fair amount of money Day One as well.

3. Nova Scotia

Despite their much smaller population, Nova Scotia matched the sales figures of some of Canada’s bigger provinces. The Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation said they made more that C$660,000 ($503,180) in sales across the province on Day One.

2. Ontario

The Ontario Cannabis Store processed around 100,000 orders through their online platform on Day One, according to Global News. The province currently doesn’t have any physical locations for people to go to so this was the only means of buying legal weed in the province. With the cheapest product on the webstore being priced at C$6.65 ($5.07) that means the total sales should be at least C$665,000 ($506,992 USD).

1. Alberta

Alberta has the highest official grossing numbers in the country. The provincial government says they pulled in nearly C$730,000 ($556,548) over around 8,300 sales on Day One.

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