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Here’s the Average Price of Cannabis in Each Canadian Province

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As part of the Canadian government’s ongoing efforts to understand the impacts of legalization, Statistics Canada has been collecting information on the average cost of cannabis across the country. The data collected was user-generated, meaning these numbers came straight from consumers who reported their individual purchases anonymously through a StatsCanada app. Users were asked to disclose not only how much they paid per gram but also where they purchased their cannabis and what source they purchased it from (i.e. a licensed store, a licensed website or the black market).

Based on those numbers, here are the average prices of cannabis per province in Canada, ranked from cheapest to the most expensive. (Note: these numbers reflect the combined average price that consumers paid for both legal and illicit cannabis across the country.)

1. Quebec: $6.75

Despite consistently being the most anti-cannabis province in the country, cannabis consumers in Quebec actually have it pretty good as far as pricing goes. The average gram goes for C$6.75 in La Belle Province. However, it might just be Quebec’s restrictive cannabis policies that are driving the prices down — given that black market weed continues to be cheaper than the legal stuff across the country.

2. British Columbia: $7.15

BC is probably the province most famous for their cannabis output. And it looks like cannabis consumers can get a hold of some of that world famous west coast weed for a pretty decent price at C$7.15 a gram.

3. PEI: $7.69

Canada’s smallest province boasts some pretty good prices on cannabis too. At C$7.69, PEI also has the lowest average price for weed among the Atlantic provinces. Not too shabby!

4. Saskatchewan: $8.02

Saskatchewan has become the centre of Indigenous-led cannabis retailers in the country. Many of the establishments aren’t strictly legal, but may be within the sovereign rights of First Nations people to operate. They’re also often cheaper than provincially approved stores.

5. Ontario: $8.05

Ontario has had massive problems getting their private cannabis retailers off the ground. Up until recently the government-run webstore was the only place you could legally buy marijuana. Now that the stores are open, customers are complaining about the high prices, which are reportedly as high as C$16 per gram.

6. New Brunswick: $8.27

The average price of a gram of weed in New Brunswick is pretty middle-of-the-road at C$8.27. However, the province’s overall pricing scheme hasn’t been popular with everybody. New Brunswick was infamously the only province that did not launch its legal market with a product that matched black market prices.

7. Nova Scotia: $8.73

At C$8.73 a gram, Nova Scotia comes out as the most expensive place in the Maritimes to buy weed. However that hasn’t stopped them from doing sales far in excess of some much larger provinces.

8. Alberta: $9.07

Alberta is another province that has had some challenges establishing private cannabis retail, though not to the same degree as Ontario. Supply was reportedly so tight in the province, they had to slow their planned expansion of the market by freezing the licensing process.

9. Manitoba: $9.14

Manitoba is perhaps the second-strictest province on cannabis regulation after Quebec. The province has been criticized for implementing bans on home growing and slapping excessive fees on retailers.

10. Newfoundland and Labrador: $9.36

The province of Newfoundland and Labrador decided to launch a private retail market for cannabis when it was legalized last October. It was also the first province where cannabis stores had to close up shop when they simply couldn’t get any product to put on their shelves due to the nationwide supply shortage of marijuana.

11. Yukon: $10.39

You might be thinking that C$10.39 is quite a bit per gram of cannabis, but the Yukon still managed to have significantly better prices on weed than some of the other Canadian territories.

12. Northwest Territories: $14.45

Most things in Canada’s northernmost regions cost more simply because it’s harder to ship sales goods to remote regions. At C$14.45 a gram though, the Northwest Territories nabbed the unenviable title for the country’s most expensive weed.

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