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Here’s What the Future of Luxury Vaping Looks Like

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Few have been able to master the art of flower” as well as Canndescent, a luxury cannabis brand whose straightforward, top-shelf offerings allure inexperienced and seasoned consumers alike. A pioneer in naming products for the experience they conjure, Canndescent’s five effects (“calm,” create,” connect,” charge,” and cruise”) invite consumers to consider how they want to feel — without confusing them with arbitrary stain names, or an esoteric equation of cannabinoids and terpenes. 

In 2015, I was analyzing the cannabis market and I saw a great opportunity to build a company to address the problems I saw, specifically a lack of exceptional product quality and inconsistent experiences,” Adrian Sedlin — founder of Canndescent — told Civilized. The whole shopping experience was confusing and intimidating, all the brands were super countercultural, the products were testing positive for pesticides, and nobody knew where they were coming from. It was a lousy consumer experience and Canndescent was meant to be the opposite of that.” 

According to Sedlin, Canndescent was the world’s first cultivar to abandon strain names in favor of the aforementioned effects,” in order to make the shopping experience easier, especially for novice consumers. But while Canndescent’s branding is brilliantly simple, it’s based on a rigorous process of research and development.

We took all our cultivars and typed them using liquid and gas chromatography to determine the cannabinoid and terpene profile, and then classified them into one of five effects,” he said. We’ve always tried to think about three things: What does it do to your head, what does it do to your body, and what do you want to do on it? All our strains are curated with that in mind.” 

To ensure consistency, each of Canndescent’s cultivation facilities employs a meticulous methodology to track various environmental factors like temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide and oxygen levels, vapor pressure, and even electrical currents. 

Though Canndescent’s focus up till now has been on flower, this year the premium brand is launching a vape pen series called the Stylus, equipped with a rechargeable battery and replaceable oil cartridges, crafted to reflect the brand’s five signature effects. It’s been two years of research and development leading up to the Stylus’ launch, Sedlin said.

We mirror the terpene and cannabinoid profiles of our underlying strains,” he added. And the oil that goes into the Stylus cartridges is sourced directly from the cannabis in Canndescent’s own gardens. Most oils are sourced from a lot of different gardens,” said Sedlin. I describe that as the difference between steak and sausage.” 

And while many vaporizable cannabis oils are also cut with toxic additives like propylene glycol, which could cause the consumer to feel a bit cloudy after a hit, Canndescent uses a cold, slow, supercritical CO2 extraction process to for clean, controlled results. 

I think the pursuit of excellence, perfection, and paying attention to every detail is reflected in the pen battery and oil line,” Sedlin said. It announces itself as a different experience from the point when you start touching the hardware (the finish on the pen is this really velvety, soft touch rubber like an Apple iPhone case) to the point when you consume and taste the oil.”

Characterized by both luxury packaging and a premium consumer experience on par with brands like Apple, Beats, or BMW, Canndescent offers a customers a regal cannabis experience. 

We’re bringing in people who wouldn’t have necessarily considered cannabis before, who see our packaging and the ethos of our products and instantly feel more comfortable, while the strength of our following is from traditional users who recognize us for the quality we’re producing,” said Sedlin. Cannabis will be the most important consumer trend for the next dozen years, he added, with the power to transform the pharmaceutical, lifestyle, and hospitality industries as an alternative to alcohol or other drugs.

With plans to expand into other product offerings like edibles, as well as to venture outside California into other legal states, Sedlin said, Canndescent is establishing itself as an industry-leading brand that carries the entire industry forward as we increase the acceptance of adult use [cannabis] everywhere.” 

To celebrate the launch of their new Stylus Vape Pen, Canndescent is throwing a launch party in Hollywood on February 9th with a celebrity guest appearance. Civilized is giving away two (2) tickets — which include a +1 — to the event. Want to join us for what is sure to be an epic evening? 

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