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I Do Not Smoke Pot,’ Says Elon Musk, Who Clearly Smoked Pot on The Joe Rogan Experience’

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Elon Musk’s cannabis use got him in quite a bit of trouble recently, but instead of admitting that he hasn’t exactly been a role model for upstanding consumers, Musk is now denying that he uses cannabis at all.

The trouble for the Tesla CEO started back in August when Musk made what turned out to be a not-so-funny tweet about making the electric car company private at a $420 stock price — an obvious weed joke. But the Securities and Exchange Commission wasn’t laughing. Instead, they slapped Musk with a $20 million fine. Shortly afterward, a lawsuit against Musk was filed in late September saying the tweet constituted fraud and accounted for a large drop in Tesla’s market value.

Of course, things only got worse for the South African entrepreneur when he decided to take a hit off a joint when he appeared on the Joe Rogan Experience’ podcast a few weeks after his tweet. That caused major friction between Musk and the US Air Force as well as NASA. Both are major investors in SpaceX, but neither was impressed with seeing Musk act like a frat bro on Rogan’s show.

Now, in a sad attempt at damage control, Musk claims that he actually doesn’t smoke cannabis at all — even though he clearly did.

I do not smoke pot, as anyone who watched that podcast could tell, I have no idea how to smoke pot,” Musk told Lesley Stahl of 60 Minutes. Or anything. I don’t know to smoke anything, honestly.”

That might’ve convinced us had he tried putting the joint in his mouth heater first, or maybe stuck it in his ear to get a toke. But there’s denying that Musk was actually having a puff with Rogan — regardless of his alleged lack of smoking finesse. And there’s no denying that the Air Force and NASA won’t be satisfied with this flimsy denial either.

You can’t talk your way out of this one, big guy.

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