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Strainprint Gives You the User-Generated Medical Cannabis Analytics You’ve Been Looking For

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This article is brought to you by Strainprint.

A groundbreaking app from the Cannabis Big Data™ company Strainprint is taking the guessing game out of medical and recreational marijuana for users, patients, physicians and cannabis businesses across North America.

For many medical marijuana patients, finding the right marijuana strain to treat their condition can be a grueling process of trial and error. While numerous studies have shown that cannabis has tremendous therapeutic promise for a long list of conditions, figuring out what strain is best suited for a given condition or symptom is often a guessing game. The result of 80 years of prohibition means there are few clinical trials on cannabis — moreover studies which have been conducted often lack a consistent scientific approach to observation — this means patients, doctors and pharmacists must resort to a guessing game. How is a patient to figure out which products work best based on their unique blend of health, genetic and situational variables?

That’s a huge problem for patients, cannabis businesses and physicians, who often struggle to figure out what sorts of strains to recommend or produce to help patients treat specific symptoms.

Figuring out what strains work best is especially difficult because the people using them are hesitant to discuss their experience.

Now Strainprint’s Cannabis Tracker’ app is helping patients, physicians and businesses overcome those obstacles by offering reliable, user-driven data to help them determine which strains are best for treating specific conditions. Unlike many other weed apps available, the Cannabis Tracker’ takes a by-patient-for-patients approach to strain optimization.

The genesis of the app started with Co-Founder Stephanie Karasick, when she was personally struggling to find out which medical cannabis strains and ingestion methods worked best to treat her PTSD.

The Strainprint cannabis app summarizes and anonymizes crowdsourced patient usage data and stores it within a secure cloud-based data network. This highly secure infrastructure exceeds the confidentiality requirements of Canadian, US and European government health agencies (HIPAA, PIPEDA, PHIPA). Since its launch in 2017, the app has fueled over 1.25 million patient-reported outcomes. That success is a testament to the demand for the app as well as how easy it is to use. Patients simply log into the free app when they medicate, select a symptom they would like to treat, then rate how well a marijuana strain works for them. It’s as simple as that.

But don’t let the ease of use fool you into thinking that Cannabis Tracker’ is nothing more than Yelp’ for cannabis; this app is not about reviews. The app was designed alongside physicians to produce quantitative, actionable medical-grade data; Strainprint provides a lot more than anecdotal or qualitative evidence found in other weed apps. The app tracks 350 conditions, 70 symptoms and 15 cannabis administration routes. It is also pre-populated with over 1,600 legal and lab-verified cannabis products from across North America. Strainprint has gathered over 65 million data points, including strain names, terpene profiles and the percentages of various cannabinoids found in different strains.

Once that confidential and anonymized information has been collected, it is then made available to physicians, clinicians, pharmacists and other cannabis businesses through Strainprint’s user-friendly analytics dashboard. Once logged into Strainprint Analytics, subscribing clients can access community data in easy-to-read charts and reports that reveal outcome patterns, patient behavior changes, and top-ranked strains based on patient/​consumer interaction and efficacy.

Strainprint Analytics provides physicians and researchers with a game-changing solution that simplifies navigation of the complicated medical cannabis landscape. For physicians, knowing what strains already work for certain conditions can reduce the amount of consultation time needed to find the right cannabis for a specific patient, improving patient outcomes by recommending strains with proven results and boosting patient engagement and loyalty by helping them track the effectiveness of their treatment in real time.

For cannabis businesses, Strainprint Analytics offers an inside track on selecting the most effective medical strains for cultivation. Moreover, these businesses can gain key insight into consumer behavior, preferences and use patterns for products they cultivate, distribute or process. This provides industry participants with a key competitive advantage by providing near real-time feedback of product use in an increasingly crowded and confusing cannabis marketplace.

Strainprint’s web-based analytics platform is trusted by some of the biggest names in Canada’s medical cannabis industry. Brands like 48North, Emblem, Zenabis, Hello Cannabis, Canna Farms, Flowr and Surterra Wellness all rely on Strainprint’s ecosystem of crowdsourced, medical-grade, observational data to conduct business.

Strainprint Analytics has provided great value to our company by giving us a competitive advantage,” said Nicole Lucarino of Canna Farms. Not only have we been able to use the data to see what’s working, but more importantly what’s not working. This keeps us at the forefront as innovators within the competitive cannabis business landscape.”

The peer-reviewed data generated by the Cannabis Tracker’ is also useful for cannabis researchers studying the benefits of medical marijuana as well as government agencies and insurance companies. By helping those stakeholders fill the massive gaps in cannabis science, the Cannabis Tracker’ advances research projects while improving quality of life for a large and growing community of medical marijuana patients across North America. By utilizing those advantages, physicians, cannabis businesses, researchers and policy makers can help cement Canada’s role as a world leader in cannabis research.

Most recently, Strainprint has launched its Research Reports. While there is a great deal of supply-side data, the data produced by Strainprint is completely unique. Providing interpretation of this data, the longitudinal cohort trends and more are greatly simplified through summarized reports. These reports are designed to educate physicians, healthcare workers and policy advisors on how they can better meet patients’ needs based on a variety of published topics including things like Symptom Reports for Insomnia or custom research on topics like Polypharmacy interaction. With a full editorial calendar and custom research requests, Strainprint Research, Data & Analytics is changing the way healthcare providers think about cannabis as a legitimate medical therapy.

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