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The Perception That We Can’t Grow Good Cannabis Outdoors is Simply False’: Sun-Grown Cannabis in Canada

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There are two facts that you probably know about Canada. The first being that it is the largest country to legalize the recreational adult use of cannabis. The second? That its winters can be long, cold, and very wet. 

So, what does this mean for Canadian producers looking to grow their cannabis outdoors?

Sarah Campbell, Director at the Craft Cannabis Association of BC, says that outdoor growth has always had a presence in the country. 

People have been growing cannabis outdoors in BC for decades, guerilla-style, before it began to move indoors with the advent of new technology,” she said. Still, the market has remained. Over the years, we developed strains that were specific to certain regions, and grew well with very little work.”

She added that now that cannabis prohibition has been lifted in the country, we’re excited that we’ll finally be getting back to this style of growing.”

Outdoor growth is kind of in a transitionary period right now. Although it’s been included in the cultivation regulations as outlined by the federal government, it is still affected by the local governments,” she explained.

According to Campbell, the rules surrounding outdoor growth in Canada are complex and ill-defined, and when regulators are inclined to license outdoor growers, they tend not to consider the differing conditions that they may face compared to indoor growers.

We really should be making changes that would allow these small farmers to produce more cannabis legally, and take away the land issues and stop forcing people to grow in industrial areas,” she said. We need to know that we can get their support ahead of time, rather than having to take a precautionary approach.”

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