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These Are the 10 Places Workers Are Most Afraid of Being Drug Tested

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Most major US employers perform some amount of drug testing, so it’s not surprising that many employees are worried about being surprised with a mandatory screening. But some employees are more worried than others, according to a recent survey conducted by JDP, a risk-mitigation firm. JDP analyzed Google trends to see which company’s drug policies are most commonly searched online. Based on that info, here are the companies whose workers are most anxious about getting drug tested.

10. Trader Joe’s

This California-based grocery chain is probably best known for stocking otherwise difficult to find foods. Trader Joe’s has also become a favored retailer for fans of organic and vegetarian fare in recent years. However, their friendly reputation doesn’t mean they’re opposed to drug testing employees.

9. Target

Target is one of the largest retailers in the country — and that means they employ a lot of people. Apparently, that also means they issue a lot of drug tests. Kind of weird though, considering Target actually sold cannabis products for a short time.

8. Foot Locker

Foot Locker is the chain store of choice for sneakerheads across the country. Sneaker culture has a long history with hip-hop culture, which of course has a long history with cannabis culture. And that might be why Foot Locker feels the need to do lots of drug tests.

7. Hobby Lobby

If you’re familiar with this Oklahoma-based arts supplies store you won’t be surprised to hear that the people who work there are concerned about being drug tested. The company has previously opposed such massive legislative changes as Obamacare.

6. Ulta Beauty

While a number of cosmetics and beauty supply retailers have been jumping on the green wave, Ulta Beauty isn’t one of them. Employees of this Illinois-based salon and retail chain continue to be concerned about getting drug tested even as their home state pushes towards legalization.

5. McDonald’s

We don’t really need to give any introduction for this one. Pretty much everyone who’s ever worked there has at least one story about on-the-job drug use, so it’s no surprise employees are concerned about getting tested.

4. GameStop

The fact that there is such a strong stereotype about cannabis consumers getting stoned and spending all day playing video games probably contributes to employees’ concern about getting drug tested. However, the video game industry’s continued fear of drug-related content probably plays into the problem too.

3. Sonic Drive-In

The appearance of Sonic on this list marks the second time a fast food joint is featured. It’s also the second time an Oklahoma-based business appeared. Maybe this says more about how strong stigmas about drug consumers are in the Sooner State, rather than about the trends of drug testing in the food industry.

2. PetSmart

The fact the multinational retailer of pet supplies is so far up the list is kind of surprising. Maybe this means that animal lovers are just a nervous bunch. Or maybe PetSmart’s high level of drug testing is an overreaction after being attacked by PETA so many times.

1. Aldi

People who work for this German budget grocery store chain are more concerned about being drug tested than folks who work anywhere else in the US. We’re not really sure why that is, but maybe it has to do with the company’s reputation for paying workers much more than other grocery chains, making workers particularly concerned about losing their jobs. Or maybe the Aldi board of directors are just puritanical about drug use.

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