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This Cannabis Powder Lets You Turn Any Drink into an Infused Drink

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Canadians will soon be able to make any drink a cannabis-infused drink thanks to Organigram. The licensed cannabis producer, which is based in New Brunswick, will soon release a cannabis powder that can be dissolved in any beverage.

The new powder dissolves in liquid just like Kool-Aid or Tang, but unlike those products, Organigram’s new invention is completely taste-free.

It’s without flavor, it’s completely dissolvable and can be put in any kind of beverage that a consumer might want,” Organigram senior VP marketing Ray Gracewood told CBC.

Gracewood added that the powder is not only taste-free but scent-free too, which means it won’t draw attention the same way that a joint does because of the unmistakable aroma that comes with smoking marijuana.

In terms of flexibility, convenience and discretion, we really think it delivers on all those things for tomorrow’s consumer.”

The powder also tackles one of the key problems with cannabis edibles: consistency. Predicting the strength of cannabis-infused food and drinks is often a crapshoot because dosing edibles can be extremely tricky, even for experienced consumers. Edibles also take roughly an hour longer to kick in than smoking cannabis, so impatient customers often overdo it because they think the dose they’ve taken was too low to have any effect. 

But customers won’t have to worry about that with Organigram’s cannabis powder, explained Gracewood.

With new technology, we’ve created an onset of between 10 and 15 minutes, which would really create a product that would be safer for consumers, but also far more consistent.”

The introduction of this new product sees Organigram join a number of other companies that are working on cannabis beverages. Earlier this year, Moosehead Breweries — Canada’s oldest and largest independent brewery — announced a partnership with the Toronto-based cannabis producer Sproutly on a line of beverages that will also offer a quicker onset and more reliable doses than other infused drinks.

In the meantime, Organigram is looking for experienced partners in the beverages industry to help them get their new product ready for the market once cannabis edibles become legal in Canada this fall.

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