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6 Most Likely Outcomes of Tomorrow’s Midterm Elections

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Tomorrow is a huge midterm election in the United States as Democrats attempt to take control of Congress away from Republicans and begin thwarting President Donald Trumps agenda. There are also important governor races and marijuana initiatives on the ballot tomorrow as well. So what do we think will happen tomorrow?

Here are the six most likely outcomes of tomorrow’s midterm elections:

1. Democrats Retake Control of the House

While people may be wary of political forecasts after the disaster that was 2016 when most forecasted Hillary Clinton to win the presidency, people seem pretty certain about forecasts showing that Democrats will retake control of the House tomorrow. This will mostly be due to incumbent Republicans losing in congressional districts that voted for Clinton in 2016. Add in Trump’s unpopularity, and this seems pretty certain.

2. Republicans Hold the Senate

While Democrats will likely retake the House, their chances of doing so in the Senate are much slimmer. In fact, they’re more likely to lose seats than gain any. This is because there are more incumbent Democrats facing tough races than incumbent Republicans. Basically, Democrats need to win every Senate re-election seat they have running and win every open seat available. 

3. Beto O’Rourke Loses

O’Rourke is arguably the most talked about Democrat running in this year’s midterms. From marijuana to police brutality to many more issues, he’s gained tons of attention through his campaign. He’s even made some believe that a Republican in Texas could lose a statewide election. But he will still probably lose tomorrow.

4. Democrats Win Governor Races

Many have complained about how Democrats have focused too much on national elections and let Republicans take governor mansions and state legislatures around the country. But that will probably end tomorrow. Major states like Illinois and Florida are likely to replace Republican governors with Democrats, and a number of states currently controlled by the GOP (Ohio, Wisconsin, Iowa, and many more) could see Democrats take over as well. This will probably be the first big win for Democrats at the state level in many years.

5. Michigan, Missouri and Utah Legalize Marijuana

Michigan and North Dakota will vote on legalizing recreational marijuana, while Missouri and Utah vote on medical marijuana tomorrow. Almost all polls indicate that those initiatives will pass in Michigan, Missouri and Utah. North Dakota is the only question mark, as early polls indicate that it was highly unlikely to pass but more recent ones say it will be a toss-up.

6. Trump Tries to Spin It as a Victory

Democrats will probably come up big tomorrow, winning the House and winning a lot of state elections. But when Republicans continue control of the Senate, Trump will use that as evidence that he’s doing a good job the same way he points to polls that barely show him having a popularity rating over 40 percent as proof that people approve of his presidency.

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