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7 Cities in Illegal States Where It’s OK to Smoke Weed

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There are only a handful of states in America that have legalized recreational marijuana, and then there are a few more that have decriminalized cannabis as well. But that still leaves the vast majority of states where getting caught with marijuana will result in some major jail time. That is, unless you happen to be in one of the cities that’s done what their states cannot and decriminalized marijuana already.

Here are eight cities in illegal states where you’ll be (mostly) fine smoking weed:

1. Houston, Texas

Texas is one of the most conservative states in America, but that doesn’t mean their major cities are as well. Houston is one of a few cities in the state that’s decriminalized marijuana. In fact, their policy is if you’re caught with marijuana, all you have to do is give up whatever’s in your possession and agree to take a four hour drug education class and you’re free to go.

2. Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Wisconsin is another state that hasn’t legalized medical marijuana, but seems like they could in the near future. Nine of the 10 largest cities in the sate have decriminalized cannabis, including their largest one Milwaukee. They just need to find a way to get Scott Walker out of the governor’s office first.

3. Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta made headlines at the end of 2017 by decriminalizing marijuana. The city will institute only a $75 fine for people caught with an ounce of cannabis. The decision was made after data showed 92 percent of marijuana arrests were of African-Americans.

4. Wichita, Kansas

Kansas is one of the few states in America that doesn’t allow any form of cannabis, even CBD medications that contain almost no THC (even Texas allows that!). But if you’re lucky enough to find yourself in Wichita, you’re pretty good to go cannabis-wise. The city institutes only a $50 fine for first-time marijuana offenders.

5. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Philadelphia passed marijuana decriminalization back in 2014, and in three years arrests for cannabis related charges dropped by 90 percent. The state recently legalized medical marijuana, and many believe it could become a target for recreational cannabis in a few years.

6. Miami, Florida

While the state offers medical cannabis, if you don’t have a medical card and you’re caught with weed, it’s a first degree misdemeanor. However, Miami passed a law in 2015 that requires only a $100 fine for people caught with marijuana in their possession. 

7. New Orleans, Louisiana

Most people would probably rank New Orleans behind only Las Vegas in terms of cities that seem to have no laws. Have you ever seen Bourbon Street during Mardi Gras? Therefore it’s no surprise that the city has relaxed their laws as they relate to marijuana decriminalization.

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