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9 Possible 2020 Presidential Candidates Who Support Marijuana Legalization

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It may only be 2018 and America’s political parties may be focused more on the upcoming midterm elections than the 2020 election, but that doesn’t mean certain people aren’t already trying to strengthen their credentials for a possible presidential run. And in 2020, supporting marijuana legalization could become a bigger priority for candidates.

Here are nine possible 2020 presidential candidates who already support marijuana legalization:

1. Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper, Democrat

Do you think the Governor who’s overseen the state of Colorado throughout its entire legalization saga supports legalization?

2. Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, Democrat

Garcetti’s record on marijuana is somewhat mixed. He has opposed certain efforts to expand cannabis in the past, but ever since the state of California legalized the drug recreationally, he says he fully supports efforts by states to do the same.

3. Mark Cuban

Cuban claims to be a libertarian, but he’s really mixed and matched policies from both parties into his core beliefs, so he could probably run as a Democrat, Republican or Independent in 2020. But while he’s refused to run for president in the past, he does vocally support marijuana legalization.

4. California Senator Kamala Harris, Democrat

While Harris initially opposed the state of California legalizing recreational marijuana, she’s since changed her tune. She began criticizing the Trump administration’s handling of cannabis policies for the past several months, and last month she finally co-sponsored fellow Senator Cory Booker’s bill to legalize the drug.

5. New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, Democrat

Gillibrand has been one of the most vocal Trump administration critics in the Democratic Party, and that includes the issue of marijuana legalization. She’s criticized Jeff Sessions harshly for going after legal states, and supports efforts to end federal prohibition of the drug.

6. Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy, Democrat

Murphy isn’t necessarily seen as one of the biggest contenders for the Democratic nomination, but he is pretty popular on social media for his criticism of the Trump administration. He’s also down for marijuana legalization, so he’s off to a good start for the nomination.

7. Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, Democrat

Sanders was one of the first members of Congress to support ending federal prohibition on marijuana. And considering his semi-successful 2016 run, he may end up being the 2020 candidate for Democrats.

8. New Jersey Senator Cory Booker, Democrat

Last August, Booker introduced a bill to Congress to legalize marijuana and also help people who’ve been hardest hit by the war on drugs. Booker’s also seen as a likely 2020 presidential candidate, and he’s been compared to former President Barack Obama throughout his political career.

9. Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, Democrat

While Warren may not outright say she supports marijuana legalization, she’s supported nearly every effort in Congress to do so. She supports bills to end the federal prohibition of the drug, she co-wrote a new bill to protect states that legalize marijuana and she’s gone after the Trump administration hard for its cannabis policies.

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