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A Politician Just Brought Cannabis Products onto the Senate Floor to Protest Hemp Farming Ban

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Yesterday the United States Senate passed a resolution acknowledging the financial and historical importance of hemp to American agriculture, but did nothing about the ban on farming it. So one senator decided to show just how ridiculous this ban was.

Senator Ron Wyden from Oregon brought two baskets filled with hemp products onto the Senate floor to show how ridiculous the ban on farming the plant really is. He noted that since hemp is considered a Schedule I narcotic, all of the products he brought were technically illegal under federal law. The products he brought included snack bars, hand soap and neckties. But he noted that since Americans are not allowed to farm hemp, all of the materials used to make these products were imported and therefore could not be considered made in America.

The point is, they’re all perfectly legal products you’ll find on shelves in stores throughout the nation,” Wyden said. But because the hemp had to be imported, none of it could be considered fully American-made.”

For the third straight year, the Senate passed a resolution noting the financial and historical importance of hemp to the American economy. But they have done nothing to reverse the ban on farming it. Hemp became illegal to farm in the 1930’s because it’s related to marijuana plants, even though it does not contain the same compounds that get users high.

However, Congress may soon end the ban on hemp farming. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell introduced a bill recently to legalize the practice once again, and he says he plans to add his bill to a major farm bill that is currently being debated in Congress.

So very soon Wyden’s basket of illegal goodies will simply become a basket of goodies.

(h/​t Marijuana Moment)

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