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Bipartisan Senators Introduce Bill to Protect Legalized Marijuana States from Federal Government

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Ever since Attorney General Jeff Sessions rescinded a policy protecting states with legalized recreational marijuana, politicians in Washington have pledged to pass a bill to put those protections back into place. And now we finally know what that bill will look like.

Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren and Republican Senator Cory Gardner introduced a bill today that would allow states to institute their own marijuana laws without interference from the federal government. The bill would amend the Controlled Substances Act, the bill that designates marijuana as a Schedule I narcotic, to say it would no longer apply to states that create their own laws related to cannabis.

The question is whether this bill will actually become law. Gardner originally refused to confirm Department of Justice nominees after Sessions rescinded the Cole Memo, the policy protecting legal marijuana states. But he ended his filibuster in April after receiving a promise from President Donald Trump that he would support states’ rights and would sign a bill protecting states with legalized marijuana.

But while President Trump may have given his word, there’s no indication that other Republican leaders have also given their blessing Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell remains opposed to marijuana legalization, and Congress has dragged their feet on nearly every cannabis-related bill in recent years.

So it’s not yet clear if Warren and Gardner’s bill will simply become another symbolic gesture that goes nowhere or if this will finally be the turning point when it comes to the federal government and marijuana.

(h/​t The Hill)

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