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Cannabis Decriminalization Bill Reintroduced to Congress

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Two of the top Democrats in Congress have reintroduced a bill that would see cannabis removed from the Controlled Substances Act, which would effectively end federal prohibition and allow individual states to determine their own marijuana laws without fear of federal interference.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D‑NY) first introduced the Marijuana Freedom and Opportunity Act last year as a measure to increase the power of individual states to regulate marijuana. 

It’s about time we decriminalize marijuana…what we’re saying is very simple, let each state do what it wants,” Senator Schumer said in a video about his new bill.

New to this year’s version of the bill is Schumer’s partnership with one of the Democratic Party’s rising stars and fellow New Yorker Representative Hakeem Jeffries. Jeffries’ contribution to Marijuana Freedom and Opportunity Act comes in the form of a provision that would see $100 million given to the Department of Justice over five years to help state and local governments automatically expunge small cannabis convictions.

You’ve had lives and communities that have been ruined in large measure by the overcriminalization and so creating opportunity and economic space will be tremendous,” said Jeffries.

Schumer and Jeffries’ revamped version of the Marijuana Freedom and Opportunity Act comes as a number of other big name pieces of federal cannabis reform legislation are slated to be debated in Congress. 

h/​t: Huffington Post

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