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Missouri Voters Just Legalized Medical Marijuana

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Missouri voters just legalized medical marijuana. Cannabis advocates from the Show-Me State showed up to the polls today to pass Amendment 2, which will let provide medical marijuana to patients with qualifying conditions.

Amendment 2 is one of three cannabis ballot initiatives that Missourians weighed in on today. All three would have legalized medical marijuana, but only one was approved by voters. In total, 58 percent of Missourians opposed Amendment 3 while 61 percent opposed Proposition C, according to the poll results available at the time this article was published.

But the success of Amendment 2 means that Missouri will become the 32nd state to legalized medical marijuana. Here’s what that means for Missourians. 

The Basics

Amendment 2 will allow patients with qualifying conditions to access medical marijuana when recommended by a physician. Patients will be allowed to buy cannabis flower and extracts for smoking or vaping, edibles, balms, transdermal patches and suppositories. Physicians will also be able to recommend other consumption methods.

Here’s a list of the qualifying conditions approved under Amendment 2:

How Much Medical Marijuana Can You Have?

Under Amendment 2, patients will be able to buy and possess no less than 4 ounces of dried cannabis or equivalent at a time within a 30-day period. Patients will also be allowed to grow up to 6 flowering plants, which can help them cut down on the costs of getting their medicine.

Where Can You Get Medical Marijuana?

Amendment 2 requires the state to set up at least 24 dispensaries in each of Missouri’s 8 congressional districts.

Local governments would not be allowed to ban dispensaries from operating within their jurisdiction. However, they can stipulate where dispensaries and other cannabis-related facilities are allowed to operate in their area.

Who’s in Charge and Where Does the Money Go?

Amendment 2 will see the existing Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services as the regulating body for medical marijuana. 

Taxes collected from cannabis sales would be distributed to various veteran-directed services, including healthcare, housing assistance and job training.

The Bigger Picture

The success of Amendment 2 means that there are now as many medical marijuana states as there are NFL teams in America. And that just might be enough to force the federal government to finally address their outdated position on cannabis, which they still officially define as a drug that has no medicinal value and is as dangerous as heroin. But Missouri and 31 other states want 

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