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Trump’s Border Wall Won’t Stop Drug Traffickers Like El Chapo’

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President Donald Trump says that building a wall or metal slats or another type of barrier along the US-Mexico border will curb the flood of illicit drugs coming from America’s southern neighbor. But no matter how high the wall is, it won’t stop drug traffickers like Joaquín El Chapo’ Guzmán.

El Chapo was one of the world’s most dangerous, as well as prosperous, drug traffickers until his most recent arrest in 2016. Under his leadership, the Sinaloa Cartel was able to bring more illegal drugs ‑mostly marijuana and heroin — into the US from Mexico than any one else ever had before. American drug-enforcement officers in the 1990s were shocked to discover that the cartel was transporting drugs underground. El Chapo’s team constructed numerous elaborate and largely undetectable tunnels that ran between cities along America’s border with Mexico. 

So unless Trump plans to build walls that extend over 70 feet below ground, he won’t live up to his promise to curb drug smuggling by building a barrier along the border. Not while innovative smugglers like El Chapo are around. To understand just how effective their tunnels are, check out this video from Vox.

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