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Chef Cherrie Moreault

I grew up in Thompson, a small northern Manitoba mining town and during the summer my dad would take me on amazing adventures that involved food. We dined (I wish I wined) at unique restaurants and ate whatever I wanted on the menu. My inner foodie was born!

My most memorable food service experience was landing a sweet gig at Via Rail, working as a cook in the dining car kitchen where I mentored with some of the railway’s finest chefs. I cherish those moments and the folks I met along the way are near and dear to my heart! The coolest is being mentioned in a couple of chapters of the book The Last Train to Toronto.”

Fast forward to 2020, I joined Team ChefTorial as a virtual cooking personality in its early stages and never looked back! I enjoy entertaining guests from all over and showcasing some of my favorite recipes. 

I put a spin on traditional cuisine and layer flavors using traditional techniques infused with bold spices in my recipes. Styling plates is so much fun for me and I specialize in creating canapes and tapas, however I do it all from breakfast to midnight snacks! I also own a personalized catering company, The Little Olive Tree.

It would be my pleasure to take you on a unique 90-minute culinary adventure of drinks, food, and lots of laughs!

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