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We. Are. Civilized.

Founded in 2015, Civilized was the first lifestyle brand to elevate the cannabis discussion beyond stoner culture” and bring it to the masses in a quality, engaging and inclusive platform. Rising quickly to premium media and event brand status, Civilized used the power of omnichannel content and partnered thought leadership to pioneer an industry-wide community with an education-first approach to cannabis.

Now in its next phase, Civilized’s brand evolution puts the content, community and culture first by filling an industry and canna-curious consumer void, connecting the conversations from both sides of the fence. The omni-channel platform bridges the hemp, CBD and cannabis communities with their mainstream adjacent counterparts. The result is a truly holistic discussion on education, entertainment, information and cultural immersion. A lifestyle brand as multifaceted as the individuals and industries it seeks to connect.

Civilized had the great honor of growing in parallel with the cannabis industry over the last number of years, however, it was truly the community that built this brand, and we are excited to have this opportunity to give it back to the community first. 

Civilized is Cannabis Culture Curated.

A Letter From Our CEO

To Our Community,

First of all, thank you for being here and joining in on the conversation. Everything we do at Civilized is to serve YOU, our community.

We recognize that each of you have different interests and reasons for being here. With your permission, we will endeavor to always listen and learn from you so we can best deliver the content and products you want.

Beyond its healing powers, this plant fascinates me. We know a fraction of what it can do, which is why, at Civilized, we are constantly seeking to better understand all aspects of cannabis, CBD and hemp culture, and bring those learnings to you.

As an entrepreneur, it’s been thrilling and challenging to be part of the cannabis industry for so many years. The industry has really evolved through the efforts of so many passionate heroes and heroines who have worked for decades to see changes in legislation – often at great personal and reputational cost. The work is not done, by any measure, but the last few years have seen such rapid change. It’s really an honor to be immersed in it.

As a mother, daughter, athlete and volunteer, I can relate to those of you who are parents trying to navigate conversations with your kids about cannabis; or looking for plant-based treatments or therapies for your parents, siblings or friends. And as a consumer, I too enjoy cannabis and CBD for so many reasons. I’m constantly learning and trying products that help with sleep or ease the pain in my joints or exhausted muscles after a heavy workout. Sometimes, popping a gummy before a workout makes it that much more enjoyable, and other times, it’s nice to just sand the edges down at the end of a long day. 

As we learn, we‘d love for you to come on that journey with us… after all, what’s living without thriving. 

Talk soon,

Terri MacDonald Riedle

CEO, Civilized

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