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How to Make Decadent Dulce de Leche Love Bars” for Valentine’s Day

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Traditionally associated with roses and chocolates, Valentine’s Day offers an opportunity to make heartfelt homemade gifts for your sweetheart. Go beyond the usual offerings by including rich, gooey hash-infused dulce de leche into your celebrations this year. Truly a decadent delight, dulce de leche literally translates as milk candy,” and it’s made by either submerging a can of condensed sweetened milk into boiling water, or by mixing milk with sugar and slowly simmering it until it concentrates into a dark syrupy sauce. This is one of my personal favorite recipes to infuse with hash, as the flavors of homemade dulce de leche pair perfectly with the earthy, spicy flavor of unpressed cannabis trichomes — making this dessert much more than the sum of its ingredients, and elevating it into another realm of deliciousness entirely.

Incredibly versatile, dulce de leche can be used as a sauce, such as to top ice cream sundaes or to drizzle over a pan of brownies. Or, it can be transformed into an ingredient to flavor cheesecakes, tarts and cupcakes. Previously, I’ve used hash-infused dulce de leche to create a killer molten caramel cake, or to swirl a thick ribbon into homespun gelato. But for this Valentine’s Day, I wanted to make something simple for gift-giving. 

Taking inspiration from Averie Cooks, this recipe is similar to traditional seven-layer bars sprinkled with coconut and studded with chunks of chocolate. Offering several infusion possibilities, this recipe allows you to add THC either within the dulce de leche (as I did) or alternatively, you could chop up cannabis-infused chocolate to replace the chocolate chips, or use cannabutter for the crust to increase potency. I like to use this recipe for the dulce de leche, but no matter which method you prefer, make sure to add the hash just after the mixture reaches a simmer, and let the long cooking time fully activate the THC goodness.

You’ll be feeling the love after eating one of these bars! Make sure to let at least two hours pass after eating the bars to fully feel the effects. Expect to feel contented, cozy, giggly and very sensual. Allow plenty of time for sleep, and don’t mix edibles with alcohol.

Hash-Infused Dulce de Leche Love Bars”

For the Dulce de Leche

1 quart of whole milk

12 cups of sugar

1 vanilla bean, cult down the middle and seeds scraped out

12 teaspoon baking soda

1 gram of unpressed Nasha hash*

For the Love Bars

1 stick of butter, melted

12 cup of light brown sugar

1 tbsp vanilla extract

34 cup all-purpose flour

18 tsp salt

1 cup shredded coconut

12 cup white chocolate chips

12 cup chocolate chips

* A Note on THC Dosing: I used one gram of Nasha hash with 192 mg of THC. Divided among nine bars, that’s about 21 mg of THC per bar. Your dose will vary based on the potency of your hash.

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