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Father’s Day Gift Guide: MagicalButter Decarb Bundle

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This article is brought to you by MagicalButter.

Does your dad enjoy a cannabis-infused edible from time to time? Then we’ve got the perfect Father’s Day gift for him (and probably you — if he shares).

Making marijuana edibles at home might seem like a daunting task, but it’s actually much easier than you think. Gone are the days of dealing with a slow cooker and a sink full of dishes. Now all you need to whip up your own batch of infused butter is the right kitchen tool.

And that simple tool is the MagicalButter Machine—a complete baker’s kit that will provide you with everything you need to make marijuana edibles at home. 

Step 1: Decarb Your Flower

Fun fact: THC — the compound most responsible for giving cannabis it’s signature effects — is only activated when cannabis is heated. This works through a process called decarboxylation (commonly referred to as decarbing’) where THCA — which doesn’t get you high — is transformed into THC.

Before using cannabis in any recipe you have to decarb it first or your edibles won’t actually give you a buzz.

You can technically make edibles without decarbing, but you risk losing many of the benefits associated with THC. Decarbing helps activate all these necessary molecules for proper consumption.

For properly decarb cannabis you need to use the right amount of heat for the right amount of time. Calibrate your oven to 250 degrees, then place your flower or buds inside the DecarBox. Place the probe end of your thermometer through the top of the baking shell and place into your preheated oven with the thermometer outside the oven. Set baking time to 30 minutes and voila!

Once the 30 minutes has passed you now have perfectly decarbed weed that’s ready for the next step: infusion.

MagicalButter Machine

Step 2: Add Flower and Ingredients to the MagicalButter Machine

Once you have successfully decarbed your weed, you could technically go ahead and throw it into any dish you want to give a little cannabis kick, but we know your dad’s a little more refined than that. So to truly take your cannabis cooking to the next level, you’ll want to use that decarbed cannabis to make some marijuana-infused butter — a perfect vehicle to up the ante on any snack.

To make that happen, all you need to do is place your newly decarbed cannabis into the MagicalButter Machine along with whatever you want to infuse with those sweet cannabis properties. While you can infuse pretty much any kind of oil or butter with cannabis easily using the MagicalButter Machine, we’d recommend using MagicalGhee Butter and following this recipe to ensure you get the best canna-butter possible.

Once all your ingredients are ready, turn on your MagicalButter Machine, set the temperature to 160°F and press the 2 Hours/​Butter’ button to program the machine for infusing butter.

MagicalGhee Butter

Step 3: Filtering Your Butter

Once the MagicalButter Machine finishes the infusion process, you need to separate the liquid canna-butter from the decarbed cannabis buds. To do that, you just need to pour the liquid butter into the MagicalButter Purify Filter, which comes with the Decarb Bundle. That liquid will be very hot, so you’ll want to put on MB’s heat-resistant and easy-to-clean silicone LoveGlove (also included in the Decarb Bundle).

The Purify Filter is made out of a nylon micron bag, which lets you squeeze out every last drop of canna-butter that you pour into it.

Now you’re ready to mold your butter.

MagicalButter Butter Tray

Step 4: Pour Your Infusion into Your Butter Tray

Once you’ve got your filtered liquid cannabis infused butter, the last step is to turn that stuff back into solid sticks of butter that you can use for cooking.

Using the MB Butter Tray makes this super simple. Just pour the liquid butter into the tray and pop the whole thing into your fridge. Once the butter has solidified, you’re all set to start cooking with the MagicalButter Cookbook that comes with the Decarb Bundle.

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