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How to Best Enjoy Coffee and Weed Together

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Do you enjoy coffee and cannabis together? You’re not alone. Long known as the hippie speedball,” the two are a natural pairing for wake and bakers. What’s more, neither coffee nor weed are what they used to be 20 years ago. Each have grown, are more artisanal and available in much higher qualities than in the past. So how does coffee impact your high? And how can you best pair the two?

Coffee Makes You Crave Weed

Scientific studies on monkeys found that coffee creates weed cravings. In small amounts, coffee causes small weed cravings. In large amounts, it causes large cravings. The actual reason for this was not discerned by the studies. 

You Can Smoke Less While Buzzed

Lots of people anecdotally swear that coffee improves your high. That might be true as the quality of a high is pretty subjective. One thing that science has found pretty definitively, however, is that if you’re buzzed on coffee, your high will last longer. Monkeys (again!) who were given both caffeine and THC were less likely to self-administer more THC when they had caffeine. Whether you’re the proverbial broke college-student stoner or just want to get more for your money, coffee can help you to get more value out of every toke. 

Consider a Hybrid

Especially if you’re prone to paranoia, it can be good to smoke a hybrid. That way, you can get the energy from the sativa side with the calming effect of the indica, which can help to mitigate any edginess you might experience from the caffeine. 

Pairing Coffee and Cannabis

Coffee and cannabis are a bit of a perfect match. The country with the most advanced cannabis culture, the Netherlands, is famous for its weed and hash coffeeshops. Pairing coffee and cannabis together can be tricky, however, because the flavors are not as complimentary as, for example, coffee and chocolate. 

First, ask your barista what the tasting notes of your coffee are. Then talk to your budtender about what he has behind the counter that most closely matches those tasting notes. Don’t be afraid to experiment a little, as this is pretty uncharted territory. If you want to get really fancy, keep a tasting journal, something that is de rigueur among Scotch and wine aficionados and even those with a finer appreciation for cannabis. 

At the end of the day, the pairing of cannabis with coffee is subjective. It’s all about what you like best and what you’re into. But paying attention to the little things can help you to get more of what you want and less of what you don’t.

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