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Weed Is the Hottest Trend in Cooking Shows

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Cooking shows are one of the most popular forms of entertainment on television. People love watching other people cook delicious food. But that doesn’t mean cooking shows aren’t evolving, and their next form may involve a lot more cannabis.

Rolling Stone recently examined the growing trend of weed cooking shows. It’s a pretty logical evolution of the genre. Marijuana is becoming legal in more and more states, and therefore more and more people are using cannabis. And research shows cannabis consumers are looking into edibles more now than ever before. So it’s not surprising cooking shows would want to follow the trend.

The high watermark for weed cooking shows is Viceland’s Bong Appétit, which features both lessons on how to make cannabis-infused food as well as a dinner party of people consuming those edible treats. Last year the show was nominated for a James Beard Award, essentially the Oscars for the food world.

Netflix also got involved recently with Cooking on High. And while the show wasn’t super well received by critics, many of the chefs who appeared on the show say it helped raise their profile, so clearly people are watching.

Traditional television hasn’t embraced the trend yet. The Food Network currently has no cannabis-themed cooking shows. One chef who pitched a show that would essentially be a No Reservations with Anthony Bourdain style travel show involving cannabis to several networks says she thinks those channels mostly cater to people in the American heartland, and a cannabis cooking show would not necessarily gel with their audience.

Most of the TV people come back and say, We love you, we love the concept, we’re not ready,’” says Leather Storrs, owner of the Portland, Oregon restaurant Noble Rot. I feel like they’re looking at the middle of the country, and when you live on the coasts, it’s different.”

But with any number of digital outlets catering to cannabis shows and culture, there are still plenty of ways cannabis cooking shows can find their audience.

Although we can’t wait for a Chopped episode that features pot brownies as one of the ingredients.

(h/​t Rolling Stone)

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