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What To Expect When Trying An Edible For The First Time

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Edibles” are products made with the unique chemical compounds of cannabis flowers, and we use them as an alternative to smoking marijuana and to experience the herb’s effects differently. You should know before you try your first edible there are significant differences between the feelings brought on by smoking/​vaping and eating cannabis-infused products. Also, cannabis-infused drinks, snacks, sweets, and spreads affect every consumer differently, and factors such as one’s personal tolerance, the strain of cannabis used to make the edible, the setting in which one takes the edible, and even the fullness of one’s stomach can affect the experience. 

If you’re ready to try your first cannabis-infused edible product, we know you’re probably anxious about what to expect. Many people stress over what’s going to happen the first time they try an edible but letting those feeling get the better of you is actually one of the worst things you can do. To help calm your fears and make sure you’re not caught off-guard, we’ve outlined what you can expect when trying an edible for the first time. Remember, when taking edibles it’s important to keep calm, start low, and go slow. 

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