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6 Questions to Ask Your Budtender

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If you’re ready to visit your first cannabis dispensary, get ready to enter a world full of creative marijuana products like edibles, extracts, and topicals that you’re bound to inspire lots of questions you’ll need to ask your budtender. Your budtender is the man or woman behind the counter at a licensed marijuana dispensary, and he or she will help you choose which cannabis strains and products will be best for your wants and needs. 

The knowledge budtenders have about the products in the dispensary (and cannabis culture in general) make them a valuable resource, and they are always willing to help you with your questions. While you should definitely feel comfortable asking budtenders you meet any question you have about cannabis culture in general, here we list six questions to ask your budtender in each dispensary you visit.

1. What are your shop’s newest cannabis strains and/​or products? 

Your budtender can inform you on the latest arrivals in the dispensary and the best new strains in their store. 

2. Is the dispensary offering any specials? 

Like other retail stores, many dispensaries offer specials on cannabis flowers, products, and smoking accessories that are constantly changing, and your budtender will be the best person to highlight the day’s deals for you. 

3. Are there any changes in the local cannabis laws? 

Sometimes laws can change at the local level quicker than at the state or federal level, and your budtender will help make sure you’re knowledgeable about what you can do in the city you’re in. 

4. Who is the cannabis farmer and what is the growing method?

Budtenders know exactly where the cannabis flowers, extracts, and other products in the dispensary come from as well as if they were grown indoors or outdoors and which ones were farmed under organic, sustainable conditions. 

5. Are the products in the dispensary lab-tested? 

Find out from your budtender if cannabinoid profiles are available for the strains and other marijuana-infused products in the shop. 

5. What are your personal experiences with the products?

Ask your budtender how he or she felt while under the influence of certain strains or what his or her go-to products are for some insight into the dispensary’s quality products.

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