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6 Tips for Picking the Right Marijuana Strain for You

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Let’s say you’re in the mood for a trip to your local dispensary to purchase some cannabis. But there are so many options! How could you possibly know what’s the right strain to choose?

If you’re in that situation, here are six tips for picking the right marijuana strain for you:

Know the Different Types

There are two main types of marijuana strains: Indica and sativa. Indica strains are known more for relaxing and laziness, while sativa will give energy and make you want to go out and do something. There are also hybrid strains which are a combination of indica and sativa, which combine the effects of both. So go in knowing which kind you want.

Research Strains

Every strain does something different. Some boost focus, others give bursts of energy. Others make you sleepy, while others stimulate appetite. Figure out what you want out of your strain, and then find out which

Know Your Tolerance

How experienced are you with marijuana? If you’re relatively new to cannabis, you may want to find a strain that’s low in THC and high in CBD so you can get all the benefits without losing your mind. But if you’re more experienced and need a stronger strain, find ones with higher THC amounts.

What Smells Do You Like?

If you’re planning on smoking your cannabis, you’re going to want to find a strain that smells good to you, right? Every strain has a different smell. Some will be fruity and sweet, while others will be more earthy, and others an be skunky. Determine which aroma is right for you.

Find Out About Availability

Not every strain you find online is going to be readily available in your local dispensary. Some strains will be more or less popular where you live. So it’s a good idea to find out who are the local cannabis growers in your area and find out which types of strains they produce. That way you know both what strains are available as well as which ones will probably be more fresh.

Examine It

When you’re actually at the dispensary checking out strains, don’t just pick the one that seems to fit you based on your research. Make sure you examine your product closely. Good marijuana will be a vibrant green, and there should be visible trichome crystals covering it. If the strain you want looks more brown and doesn’t seem to have any crystals, then you’re about to purchase non-fresh cannabis, so all those effects you’re looking for may not come to fruition.

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