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7 Ways to Help a Friend Who Got Too High

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It’s a known fact that cannabis affects each and every person differently, and many people who consume cannabis can think of at least one time when they felt like they got too high, things got a little weird, and they needed help calming down. Just like how cannabis affects us differently, not everything we do to try and help a friend who is feeling too high will work for everyone. If you find yourself in a situation where someone you care about has eaten, smoked, or vaped a large amount of cannabis, here we talk about seven ways to help a friend who is too high.

1. Remind your friend that the feelings of being too high are temporary and will pass quickly. Talking to someone they trust is key for many people coming down from a bad high, and hearing that the discomfort will dissipate in time is helpful. Encourage your friend to take slow, deep breaths by inhaling through the nose and exhaling through the mouth.

2. Give your friend some food or water if he or she is feeling too high. Try to avoid giving your friend beverages with caffeine and definitely don’t offer alcohol, as we know it concentrates the cannabinoid tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in the bloodstream.

3. Move your friend to a space where he or she feels comfortable, be it his or her own bedroom if at home, a restroom if in a public building, or outside to get some fresh air and ability to get away from crowds.

4. Try to distract a friend who’s feeling too high with simple activities he or she enjoys, like games or watching a favorite TV show.

5. Encourage your friend to take a relaxing shower or lie down in a dark room to try and calm down if he or she is having a bad cannabis experience. Aromatherapy with jasmine, lavender, and even black peppercorn can be helpful for a friend feeling too high.

6. Have your friend consume a cannabis strain with very high levels of cannabidiol (CBD), a cannabinoid we know to counteract intense psychoactive effects from THC.

7. If your friend is feeling so high that he or she is being overly argumentative, having a panic attack, or even lashing out physically, don’t hesitate to take your friend to the hospital to rule out exposure to a toxic substance.

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