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8 Most Skunky Marijuana Strains

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When many people think about marijuana, they often associate it with a skunky smell. But there’s actually a huge variety in strain smells and aromas that people may not realize.

However, if you’re in the mood for a skunky cannabis strain, here are eight of your best options:

1. Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel isn’t quite 100 percent skunky. While it definitely has a pungent skunk smell, it also has a strong diesel aroma (as the name suggests). So it basically smells like a skunky driving a big rig truck. It’s also one of the most powerful strains available.

2. AK-47

AK-47 is a marijuana strain with some nice sweetness to go along with its cerebral high. Unfortunately that sweetness can only experienced through taste, because the smell is quite pungent and sour.

3. Cheese

As the name suggests, the Cheese marijuana strain smells like cheese. But not a fresh cheese you’d put on your spaghetti or like a fresh bag of Goldfish. Cheese smells like one of those cheeses the French put on their crackers and then chug a glass of wine down to wash away the taste.

4. Death Star

Death Star is descended from Sour Diesel, so you’ll get a lot of the same pungent, diesel‑y aromas as you do from that strain. But Death Star is a little less potent than Sour Diesel, so it may be better for people with a lower tolerance who were attracted to my description of a strain smelling like a skunk driving a truck.

5. Lemon Skunk

If someone sprayed a lemon scented cleaner on themselves after getting sprayed by a skunk, it would probably smell like Lemon Skunk. The strain is also known for delivering a joyful and energetic high, perfect for combatting stress and depression.

6. Island Sweet Skunk

Unlike real skunks, that are basically just raccoons that also spray foul-smelling gas, Island Sweet Skunk combines tropical, sweet scents with the skunky aroma of cannabis. It’s sort of a best of both worlds.

7. White Russian

At one point, White Russian was considered the most potent marijuana strain in the world. And while other more powerful strains have come along, this one still delivers a pretty potent high with a skunky yet also sweet aroma.

8. Super Skunk

As the name suggests, Super Skunk is very skunky. It’s also a very relaxing strain that’s also known to make people very talkative.

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