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The Cannabis Travel Checklist

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Whether you live in a cannabis-friendly state or you’re visiting one, there are some important things to remember when traveling with cannabis. As the laws surrounding cannabis change, they differ from state to state, and it’s important that you not get caught off-guard.

However, we must remember that it’s illegal to transport cannabis across state lines or international borders no matter what and that most airports ban cannabis from their properties. A notable exception is in-state air travel in Oregon, which allows travelers to fly with cannabis to other airports within the state’s borders, and some airports throughout California and Washington have adopted relaxed stances on passengers with weed in their carry-on traveling to other cannabis-friendly locations. For your convenience, we’ve compiled a short marijuana travel checklist that will help make your adventures on the road with cannabis safe, responsible, and enjoyable.

1. Review the laws about cannabis possession limits in the state in which you will be traveling with cannabis. In some states, the amount of marijuana a person is allowed to travel with on their person differs if they have it for medical or recreational purposes, so double-check before you throw your stash in the car.

2. Have your (valid and current) identification and any documentation that identifies you as a medical cannabis user in an easily accessible place. You’ll need this to enter cannabis dispensaries on your travels and to show authorities if you get stopped for any reason.

3. Make sure you have travel-friendly storage containers that securely close to transport your cannabis. If you don’t feel comfortable traveling with glass containers, opt for a structured container that will prevent your cannabis from getting crushed if your luggage gets jostled.

4. You’ll need a cannabis-friendly location to consume your cannabis, as it’s still illegal to use cannabis openly in public. This does not include your car, as it is illegal to consume cannabis in a motor vehicle or drive one while under the herb’s influence.

5. Have plenty of cash if you plan on buying more cannabis during your travels. Due to the illegal status of cannabis at the federal level, dispensaries can only accept cash as payment for cannabis.

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