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The Top 52 Instagram Accounts in Cannabis

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With cannabis legal in Canada and ten US states and medical marijuana legal in 33, now is the time to assess where we are in cannabis culture. For that, look no further than Instagram. With the cannabis industry banned from traditional avenues for advertising, Instagram has become the place to help break the stigma around the plant, while promoting education and brand awareness. A number of influencers have taken the spotlight on social media, helping to lead the conversation into future. By linking the plant to all aspects of society — fashion, parenting, health, sex, technology, and so forth — potstars of the Gram are re-shaping the image of cannabis.

Aaliyah Ei

Better known as The Little Beast” on Instagram, Aaliyah is spreading the good word about cannabis education and feminism. 

Abdullah Saeed

Whether you’ve seen him spitting jokes at the Hollywood S.H.I.T. Show” or dining on high delicacies on Bong Appetit, Abdullah has done his part to steer cannabis culture into the mainstream.

Alice Moon

Your go-to for everything cannabis in LA. Alice knows not only the best brands and events, but she does her part to help raise awareness about important issues in the space, such as cannabis hyperemesis syndrome. 

Ashlee Belzo

A self-described part-time foodie, full-time cannabis enthusiast,” Ashlee’s content is both informative and entertaining. 

Ashley Manta

Also known as the Cannasexual” — which refers to anyone who consciously incorporates cannabis into their sex life — Ashley is destigmatizing the conversation around cannabis, sex, and body positivity.

Bess Byers

This Seattle-based Instagram queen is defining what it means to be a cannabis influencer.

Bianca Monica

The founder of agency Limone Creative, Bianca is one of the leading trendsetters in the cannabis women’s movement, and the CBD industry.

Blunted Objects

Rep the leaf,” with the ultimate, cannabis-inspired jewelry.

Buck Angel

This man with a female past” is a cannabis and human rights educator and activist.

Budding Mind

Run by video journalist Brooke Burgstahler, Budding Mind advocates for cannabis, offering educational tidbits about health and wellness.

Carli Jo

Known as the Cannabis Sensuality Coach, Carli Jo is raising awareness about how to deepen sexual intimacy with tantra and cannabis.

Chelsea Handler

Known for her role as a comedian, Chelsea Handler doesn’t shy away from discussing her love for cannabis.

Chelsea Leyland

As an epilepsy patient, cannabis has changed Chelsea’s life. Now, through her documentary Separating the Strains, she’s telling the world about it.

Derek Riedle

Derek Riedle, publisher of Civilized, is a leading force in today’s North American cannabis culture, working to erase the stigma around cannabis consumers. 

Elevate Jane

This contemporary smoke shop is ending the stigma around smoking pot by making the activity look more beautiful.

Elias Theodorou

This UFC fighter ranked 13th in the world is also an avid cannabis advocate.

Emma Chasen

This educator and entrepreneur is teaching us the basics of cannabis science and other topics in the space.

Flow Kana

This syndicate of sungrown, artisan cannabis farms is leading the way in providing education about sustainable cultivation.

Green Bodhi

Go here to see the cannabis plant up close in all her beauty.

Green Goddess Glow

This educational platform is shifting the conversation around cannabis and self care.

Grow House

This 420-friendly couple is telling the stories of the modern cannabis industry. 

Grow Sisters

This sisterhood of female growers from Humboldt is shifting the image of women in cannabis cultivation.

Happy Day Farms

Everything you should know about regenerative cannabis farming, right here.

High Girls Club

For women who consume cannabis. Period.

Highly Devoted

Molly Peckler, the brain behind Highly Devoted, is a matchmaker extraordinaire, helping 420-friendly singles find love. 

Jackie Sponseller

This international epileptic stoner” is changing how we think of cannabis medicine, parenthood, and entrepreneurship. 

Jason Pinsky

The Chief Cannabis Evangelist” at Eaze and former producer of Bong Appetit, Pinsky was also dubbed the King of Mainstream Marijuana.”

Keira Sumimoto

Keira’s page Cannabis and Parenthood” helps answer questions about what it’s like to be a parent, and a cannabis consumer.

Ladies of Paradise

Thanks to these unprecedented trendsetters from Portland, cannabis is not just a stylish accessory, but a fashion statement.

Laganja Estranja

Epitomizing what it means to be a cannabis QUEEN, in all her glory.


The Los Angeles Patients and Caregivers Group is the city’s oldest dispensary, established in 2004. Follow along to see how LAPCG is progressing along with the times.

Lit Yoga

By combining cannabis and yoga, Hannah Mason is giving new dimension to our conception of wellness.

Lizzy Jeff

This medicine woman, artist, and activist is transforming cannabis culture through music, events, and education.

Mia Savage

With something to say about every form of cannabis, Mia is defining what it means to be a cannabis influencer.

Mike Glazer

Host of the Weed + Grub podcast, Mike has written for Emmy-nominated HBO show Night of Too Many Stars and has also hosted the Civilized show First High.

Morris Beegle

This hemp entrepreneur is the producer of NoCo expo, and has done his part to help the industry evolve. 

Mother Indica

Your Mama’s Guide to Cannabis,” Mother Indica is a holistic nutritionist and cannabis educator.

My Bud Vase

Smoking pot never looked so beautiful.

Old Pal

If rolling a joint in Laurel Canyon could be virtually distilled into an Instagram account, Old Pal is it.

People of Cannabis

POC Mag celebrates people of color — in cannabis. This industry needs more of that.

Ricardo Baca

Founder of Grasslands Agency and the Cannabist, and now host of the Cannabis and Main podcast, Ricardo has been an unbeatable force in cannabis media.

Roger Volodarsky

The founder and CEO of Puffco, Roger is creating culture and community around his devices.

Sara Weinshenk

A comedian and writer, Sara interviews other comedians, musicians, and artists about cannabis, food, fashion, and comedy on her podcast Shenk.

Savina Monet

This digital collage artist is transforming the way we look at cannabis, literally, using female figures superimposed against the cannabis bud.

Stoned Alone

Filmmaker and WeedTuber Stoned Tim uses cannabis as part of his creative process.

That High Couple

A couple that gets high together stays together? Learn how these two are incorporating cannabis into their relationship. 

The Her(b) Life

Your go to for the feminist, cannabis experience.

The Herbal Chef

High” dining never tasted, or looked, this good.

Tree Femme Collective

This group of womxn in weed is working to end sexism in the cannabis industry.

Wolfie a.k.a. Rachel Wolfson

Jokes and weed. Enough said.

Zoe Wilder

This PR whizz is doing her part to promote the best players in the game.

420 Science Club

For cannabis enthusiasts, by cannabis enthusiasts, here’s the cannabis education we all wish we had. 

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