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Why White Widow is a Popular Strain

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If this is your first time hearing about White Widow, don’t let the name scare you off. Famous worldwide, White Widow is a legendary hybrid strain that is known for being remarkably potent. Being a staple strain, this variety of Cannabis is used for both medicinal and recreational purposes and is frequently found on the menu at many Amsterdam and Dutch coffee shops.

The Genetic Origin of the White Widow is unknown

The term cannabis strains are used to refer to hybrid varieties meant for recreational or medicinal uses. Cannabis strains can be of two types, either of pure or hybrid varieties. The latter category consists of three species, that include sativa, indica, and ruderalis. It is known that these varieties of cannabis are further developed by growers to either help in differentiating the strains to make it become a more effective” drug or for marketing purposes.

Although the genetic origin of the White Widow is still unknown, it has grown to be known as one of the most famous cannabis varieties that is consumed recreationally and medically in the world. The dense coat of frosty white, crystalline trichomes that cover the delicate, fragrant flowers has inspired its name. According to a myth surrounding the White Widow, it is said that it was selectively cultivated in the mountains of Kerala in Southern India by farmers. However, the geographic origins of the White Widow are known — it was first created in the 1990s by Green House Seeds in the Netherlands. The creation of the White Widow began from the breeding of a Brazilian indica which was pollinated by South Indian sativa landraces.

White Widow Has a Unique Appearance, Smell, and Taste

Covered in dense, frosty white crystals and giving off a sugared look, White Widow buds are called white” for two reasons. This plant has a tendency to not fully color up when it is ready to harvest and it contains a heavy resin gland. Although the plant is generally of short stature, the leaves are green and long. White Widow buds emit a pungent smell of earth, herbs, spices, and wood. One could almost compare it to having a smell like pepper that has been sprinkled on top of an orange. The smoke of White Widow is deliciously sweet and contains flavors of fresh citrus, earth, and pine. It is said that when smoked, White Widow tastes citrusy, with a flowery bent.

White Widow Loves Warm Conditions

Being a sativa-dominant strain (with an indica/​sativa ratio of 40:60) which produces flowers that are sticky to the touch (as it contains resin), the White Widow grows in very warm regions. It prefers lots of sunshine and warmer growing conditions than its homeland. Luckily, the White Widow is a low-maintenance strain which is tolerant of climates similar to that of northern European regions. The White Widow blooms after approximately 60 days and one plant that grows indoors can produce up to 55 – 65 grams of cannabis (21 ounces of bud per 10 square feet).

White Widow Grows Better Indoor

The seeds of White Widow is historically known to thrive better within indoor environments since it is especially prone to have a hydroponic growth. Experts suggest that growing White Widow indoors is a better option as it flowers faster than when grown outdoors. It is recommended to keep the level of moisture low so as to prevent mildew and to keep the fertilization level rather light as it helps the flavors to develop and come out better. The ideal temperature to grow White Widow indoors would be between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. This plant grows extremely fast after germination and is able to grow over an inch per day (for the first 3 days following germination). Feminized seeds are often considered to be a great option for beginners seeking to try their hand at growing White Widow indoor.

There Are Different Types of White Widow Strains

The White Widow strains can be of different types and can contain a mix of both indica and sativa. Users of this substance have a variety of options to choose from while buying White Widow seeds. Some of these strains include:

White Berry — This is a combination of White Widow with blueberry and is also known as Blue Widow, depending on the grower and the seeds used. This type of substance is neither too sedative nor too energizing and would be perfect for a breezy afternoon in the weekend.

White Rhino — A hybrid of White Widow, this substance has a high THC content and originates from Brazil, India, and Afghanistan. It is known that the buds of this strain give a strong and heady high to consumers. It is easily recognizable by its light green to dark leaves, short stature, and aroma that consists of a mix of earthy, sweet and woody smell. Consumers claim that they experience a unique feeling of happiness, laziness, and euphoria after smoking this type of weed. White Rhino is durable, able to grow in extreme climates and highly sought as a medicine.

White Russian — An indica-dominant hybrid strain, the White Russian is a cross variety of White Widow and AK-47. It was originally created by Dutch breeders and is extremely fragrant, containing notes of sweet fruits, spices, and skunk. This award-winning strain (won 1st place in the best overall category at the 1996 High Time Cannabis Cup) grows pale green and fluffy leaves and has dank-smelling flowers. Consumers of this substance have described the smoke of White Russian to be lung-expanding and harsh but slightly spicy when exhaled. The immediate effect of White Russian makes one feel quickly motivated, energized and gives a sense of clarity instead of confusion. However, heavy consumption can lead to drowsiness.

White Satin — A 50% sativa/​50% indica strain, this substance is a favorite of many patients as it offers fresh and stimulating effects, along with exotic flavors. White Satin has a fruity and smooth flavor that resembles apricot and baked blueberry pie. The immediate effect of White Satin makes one feel energized, serene and takes away all anxiety. It is medically beneficial for those seeking treatment for chronic fatigue, migraines, depression, anxiety or tension headaches.

White Widow Has Energizing Effects

White Widow is known to produce very heady, cerebral highs that you would normally associate with a sativa-dominant plant” which is due to a large amount of THC harbored by the plant. When smoked, the effects of White Widow last for much longer as compared to other Cannabis strains. The cerebral high effects of White Widow is known to be ideal against anxiety and depression and by the time that they die down, one can start feeling some of the body buzzes due to the influence of the indica present in the substance.

Cannabis Strains Are Used for Recreational and Medicinal Purposes

One should not underestimate the high potency of this substance, which is not only psychoactive but also uplifting too. White Widow is known to offer a well-balanced high that keeps one mentally active, positive and which relaxes the mind and body. Another effect of the White Widow makes one become more acutely perceptive of one’s surroundings and more tuned into sounds and patterns that would usually go unnoticed. The various cerebral effects caused by this substance include uplifted spirits, a boost in creativity, as well as euphoria. Research also suggests that psychedelic effects like visual distortion and increased perception can amplify the impact of music or art” or create energy and focus that can be applied to either mundane tasks like cleaning or more complex problem-solving processes”

The immediate effect of White Widow makes one experience a unique powerful burst of energy breaks. It also carries thought-provoking reactions which are considered to be ideal while engaging in social conversations during gatherings or adventures. Overall, White Widow is highly sought for the mild psychedelic experience that it offers. On average, the buzz length can last from 1.5 to 2 hours.

Cannabis Strains Alleviate Pain

The widespread uses of White Widow for recreational purposes have brought it to the forefront of medical research. Although many countries do not recognize White Widow and other Cannabis strains to be suitable for medical purposes, after having been carefully studied by experts in the field, it has been found that White Widow is effective in treating several ailments such as post-traumatic stress disorders, hepatitis C, cachexia, and more. Some very commonly mentioned medical benefits that Cannabis strains and White Widow provides include:

Finding Relief Against Chronic Pain

Chronic pain can be treated with White Widow instead of using morphine and oxycontin. Cannabis strain is a relaxing substitute that carries immediate effects.

Feel Happier and Livelier

White Widow is also a treatment of depression and sadness. The 40% sativa component in this substance provides an upbeat buzz to those feeling gloomy.

White Widow Is Used for Cancer Treatments

Cannabis strains are widely used by cancer patients as they help in eliminating the various discomforts (drowsiness, loss of appetite, pain, etc.) that are caused by chemotherapy. White Widow also kills cancer and has helped many cancer patients feel better and healthier.

Cannabis Oil Minimizes Seizures

Epileptic patients have also found relief from Cannabis oil. Apart from minimizing the number of seizures, it also treats fatigue and helps one feel more relaxed. However, this substance should be taken with a lot of care and caution. If it is wrongly administered in incorrect doses, it can promote more seizures and cause other adverse effects.

Cannabis Reduces Anxiety and Is Effective Against PTSD

Apart from not being able to address the underlying problem properly, a majority of the painkillers used in treating PTSD are addictive and have led to unwanted side effects. An increasing number of PTSD patients that include war veterans have claimed that cannabis has helped in reducing their anxiety and in sleeping better.

How to Handle The Possible Side Effects of White Widow?

To this day, White Widow is desired by medical marijuana patients, recreational users, and serious cannabis breeders alike the world over. Its strong genetics have produced famous strains in their own right (such as White Russian and Blue Widow) and the combination of physical and mental effects is alluring to many consumers. However, we must remember that White Widow will affect each and every user differently.

One of the most commonly documented side effect that is reported by consumers of White Widow includes experiencing dry mouth. This situation can be easily resolved by drinking plenty of fluids to hydrate the body. Having an extra supply of fluids is also handy, especially before, during and after feeling high. Although it is less common than dry mouth, other users have also reported experiencing dry eyes which can be solved by using moisturizing eye drops.

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