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Are You a Flower Lover Who’s Yet to Embrace Vaping? Try This Pen. Seriously.

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For flower aficionados, finding a vape that actually sates us can be as difficult as, well, getting a good hit from a sub-par pen. To be sure, the discretion and convenience of vape pens make them an attractive option. Cannabis users who find it hard to find a pen that lives up to the flavor and functionality of good-old-fashioned flower will be relieved to find that there is finally a pen for them.

Eden Extracts’ Diamond Line pens are next-level vapes that deliver a substantial hit that you can actually feel — one that is closer to the sensation of smoking. They also have a refreshingly earthy taste to them, which offers that sensory connection to the plant that flower enthusiasts are so drawn to. These two aspects of the pen make them an excellent option for anyone who’s looking to cut back on smoking or to give it up altogether.

The company, which began by making in-house distillates for its popular San Francisco-area dispensary Garden of Eden, also makes a more value-priced pen called its Gem Line. The Diamond Line, however, is the crown jewel of Eden Extracts, and it’s worth spending a little extra for.

We knew we had to raise the bar in a couple different ways,” Nick Rose, head of marketing and distribution for Eden Extracts told Civilized. What we were trying to create is a better experience, plain and simple.”

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