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The DIY Oil Extractor That’s Affordable, Safe And Chemical Free

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Tarik Naccasha believes the cannabis industry should always be striving to champion one thing: purity.

It goes without saying, then, that mainstream methods of extracting cannabis oil have become increasingly disturbing to him in recent years.

About six or seven years ago, the dabbing style came about and people started processing with butane and CO2 and all these chemicals, which is not what the industry is about,” Naccasha told Civilized. 

The industry is about organic and clean and pure… Adding chemicals is something that other drugs do, but it’s never been in this industry until the last five years.”

Naccasha, who has multiple sclerosis, knew there had to be a safer alternative for those seeking the extra potent effects of cannabis oil – for pain or other purposes. 

That’s when he found out about rosin, also known as the process of extracting cannabis oil through heat and pressure alone. It seemed like the solution he’d been searching for, until he realized that the only rosin presses on the market were tailor-made for major processors with multi-thousand-dollar price tags.

Pair this with the fact that in Naccasha’s home state of Oregon, it was impossible to purchase cannabis oil without a costly medical license until this month (and that the oil you could purchase had no guarantee of being chemical-free) and he knew he’d have to take matters into his own hands.

Just like that, the TARIK+ROSIN do-it-yourself oil extraction machine – also known as the T‑REX – was born.

It’s been one year since Naccasha and business partner Mike Warren released the $200 rosin extractor (which resembles an early 2000s-era portable CD player) that’s meant to offer a clean, simple and affordable option for acquiring cannabis oil.

People are blowing themselves up using butane…doing it in their car, doing it around their kids, [engaging] in these harmful ways of making oil,” said Naccasha.

This is a really great way for people to be able to make their oil without any type of chemicals whatsoever… [and] we wanted to put it in a ballpark where normal people could afford it.”

Naccasha said feedback has been overwhelmingly positive so far, adding that many people – particularly those on the west coast, the company’s biggest customer base – have never even heard of rosin extraction before.

Response has been really good; more on the west coast right now than the east coast [because] the west coast has definitely taken advantage of the rosin culture compared to BHO dabbing,” he said.

Naccasha believes that as the cannabis market continues to open up across the country, people will inevitably be learning more and more about the industry and will therefore want to seek out healthy consumption methods.

“[Expanding legalization] will get more people to understand what’s going on, medically and recreationally with cannabis,” he said. I’ve always believed the culture is about purity and eventually people… [and the] industry will go back to wanting things to be pure.”

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