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Here’s Where Presidential Candidate Steve Bullock Stands on Cannabis

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Montana governor Steve Bullock is billing himself as the only Democrat who knows how to win in traditionally red states. And with that he brings a decidedly understated stance on cannabis.

Bullock has been governor of Montana since 2013, and acted as attorney general for several years prior to this. During his time in public office, he hasn’t made cannabis policy reform a significant part of his platform. However, Bullock has moved on several occasions to protect and improve the rights of medical marijuana patients in the state.

In 2016, Bullock sided with patients after a long-contested bill from 2011 restricting Montana’s medical marijuana industry, was in large part approved by the Supreme Court. At the time Bullock said he believed the court’s decision was harmful to patients.

I am concerned about the ability of thousands of patients with serious medical conditions to access a treatment that has been approved by their doctors,” Bullock said, following the ruling.

Bullock has also spoken out against former US Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ opinions on cannabis policy, which he called dang near a decade” behind the times. And in a 2011 memo as Montana AG, Bullock spoke in support of medical marijuana patients’ rights to own firearms.

Despite all this, Bullock does not appear to have taken the lead on cannabis policy reform. And, while he is generally supportive of medical marijuana, he has been decidedly quiet on the legalization of recreational cannabis. Nor has he revealed a specific plan for what he would do with cannabis laws if he was elected president.

So, under a Bullock presidency, voters shouldn’t expect the major federal marijuana reforms that some of his counterparts are campaigning on. However, it is also unlikely that Bullock would move towards more restrictive national regulations, and states with medical marijuana programs would likely be protected.

h/​t Marijuana Moment

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