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5 Benefits of Hand Trimming Your Marijuana

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If you’re growing your own cannabis, you might be wondering if there are any benefits to hand-trimming your marijuana instead of using a machine made for that purpose. Here at Civilized, we know that trimming cannabis flowers is a time-consuming task and that using some type of shearing machine is alluring because it will save you some time, but there are definitely some advantages to having your harvest hand-trimmed by yourself or some trusted professionals that you should consider. To give you some insight into why you might want to choose the more personal method for manicuring cannabis buds, here we touch on five benefits of hand trimming your marijuana.

1. Hand trimming forces you to take the variances in the appearance of flowers produced by different marijuana strains into consideration. Each type of cannabis flower exhibits its own physical characteristics, like size, structure, and the amount of trichomes it produces, and when you hand-trim your marijuana you can take this into consideration, while trimming machines don’t.

2. Hand trimming doesn’t degrade cannabis flowers like trimming machines can. Vibrations and even the minimal heat emitted from the motor of motorized trimmers can damage the delicate trichomes that cover cannabis flowers.

3. Hand trimming keeps the shape of your marijuana flowers in-tact because you have complete control over the blades, unlike motorized shears that repeat automatic movements. Many trimming devices leave cannabis flowers in uniform shapes because they sheer away parts of the buds no matter its original form, and this can result in you losing valuable trichomes and part of your hard-worked-for yield.

4. Hand trimming your marijuana flowers enhances your relationship with your cannabis plants. By spending time to manicure a harvest by hand, you get a chance to notice the qualities that make a particular strain unique. If you hand trim your own crop, it also gives you the opportunity to reflect on your entire growing process and identify any areas where you could improve based on the appearance of your flowers.

5. Hand trimming helps elevate the standard for high-quality cannabis, as there is simply no question that flowers manicured by an individual look superior to those trimmed by an electronic device; true connoisseurs can often tell the difference between hand-trimmed and machine-trimmed flowers on sight.

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