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10 Experts Share Their Favorite Snow Day Strains

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Snow days are the best. You get to stay inside, skip whatever it is you had planned or were obligated to do, drink inappropriate amounts of hot cocoa, and indulge in the entertainment bounty that is Netflix. Plus, being stuck inside can lead to some super fun activities, like the horizontal mambo.

Or snow days can be times of woe, a fact any born East Coaster can attest to. Dirty slush everywhere, icy hazards on slick pavements, and temperatures so low they make your skin hurt. It’s a time when all you care about is staying inside and desperately trying to stay as warm as possible, fighting against the chill from the frozen tundra outside your window. 

Whatever way you may be feeling about your snow days, marijuana will definitely make them better. If you’re bored or frustrated about being stuck inside, just take a puff and get out of your headspace for a bit. If you’re elated that you have a day off, and want to get some things done around your house, take a toke. And if you’re simply trying to make the BBC’s Planet Earth all it can be, THC is key.

So we asked ten cool cannabis gurus what they smoke on snowy days.

Tommy Chong, you know who this guy is

It’s a strain called OP… Other People’s!”

Shavo O, bassist for System of a Down and founder of 22Red

An indica dominant OG Kush is always great on snow days. Anything indica that’s high in THC is good for being stuck inside because they’re very comfortable strains. It’s the kind of weed you can just smoke and play music to and relax with all day.”

Maria Sharp, industry education strategist for Leafly

Purple Punch is perfect for a TV-binge session that slips into that perfect nap on the couch. Its THC-rich potency does the heavy lifting for you after a long week, helping slow down those racing thoughts about work while you enjoy your snow day right after the first toke. This winning chemo-combo makes for the perfect stress reliever but keeps you engaged in what you’re watching.

Dutch Treat has always been a favorite of mine. It’s a relatively common cultivar, so I can often find Dutch Treat flower that ranges from lower THC levels of 10 – 15 percent THC to heavy-hitting echelons of 25 percent plus, and everything in between — I’ve even been lucky enough to find Dutch Treat with a decent level of CBD (five percent plus). Though a commonly found strain, its dominant and rare terpenes, terpinolene and ocimene, give Dutch Treat its flavor and an entourage effect unlike most other flower. This euphoric strain that keeps me humming along to music and dancing in my kitchen is my go-to when I’m writing, painting, listening to a podcast, or trying to find some joy in doing laundry or other chores. Its generally moderate level of THC makes it great for smoke sessions with friends to keep the cabin fever at bay!”

Anthony Franciosi, founder and head grower of Honest Marijuana Company

Black Dog Kush is an amazing cross of Blackberry Kush and Emerald County Headband bred by Biovortex. It has an old school, earthy funk and a heavy couch locking high that doesn’t make me paranoid. It also has a really nice berry-vanilla flavor. Definitely makes me laugh and watching Super Troopers again for the umpteenth time is going to be a solid decision with this strain if you’re stuck inside.

Member Berry is a potent hybrid with berry and grapefruit terps and some of the frostiest buds I have ever come across. The smell and flavor comes through really nicely in the smoke and it has a smooth berry and earth flavor. Member Berry has a long lasting, uplifting high that is awesome for finishing up projects around the house or reading a book.”

Peter Barsoom, CEO and founder of 1906

Nothing makes for an unplanned and well spent day at home quite like the Blue Dream found in our celebrated aphrodisiac formulation LOVE. LOVE contains four powerful botanical aphrodisiacs (damiana, muira puama, catuaba theobromine and ashwagandha) that help boost blood flow, diminish inhibition and ignite arousal. It’s the perfect formula for staying warm with your partner on a snowy day.”

Dr. Hervé Damas, MD, former linebacker for the Buffalo Bills and founder of Grassroots Wellness Center

Strains with more myrcene or linalool will give you that cozy comfy feeling, so opt for those if you’re looking for something that will make you want to snuggle at home under a warm blanket and watch movies all day.”

Lex Corwin, CEO of Stone Road Farms

Pacific Frost because it offers 26.1 percent THC content on an outdoor plant, and has fresh, zesty notes. It always leaves me feeling energetic, no matter the time of day. I have also found that it is the perfect strain for channeling my creative side, while also keeping me focused. Aside from the effects, the actual taste of Pacific Frost is unbeatable — fruity, sweet, but not overpowering, and still with the famous OG taste.”

David Farris, Director of Marketing for Planet 13 Las Vegas

Mango Kush hybrid tastes similar to the actual mango fruit, with a distinct kush flavor and hints of pine on the exhale. It’s the perfect hybrid pleasure to enjoy throughout your snow day!”

Drew Duval, VP of Facilities and Operations for FloraCal Farms

Granddaddy Purple is my favorite strain for a snowy day. It has the sweet aroma of grapes and incense and the feeling is capped by a need to sit down next to the fire and read a good book.”

Antonio DeRose, founder of Green House Healthy

Grape Ape! It’s an indica dominant strain named after its grape aroma and flavor. The effects are typically sedative and relaxing which makes it perfect for kicking back at home.”

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