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420 Isn’t National Cannabis Day, According to The National Day Calendar

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Have you ever wondered where those national holidays you often see trending on social media come from? Who actually gets to decide what date National Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day falls on?

Well, as you can imagine, these are not official holidays in any legislative sense. Many of us will still have to go to work in the morning, whether it’s National Kazoo Day or not. So, what becomes a nationally recognized Day” is really up to public opinion. 

The outlet most successful in driving that public opinion? The National Day Calendar.

Started in 2013 with a goal of tracking and recording these popular holidays, the organization has since cataloged over 1,500 holidays (many of the dates listed on the site have four or more designations) while regularly accepting submissions for new days to be added. 

Since the company recognizes everything from Lumpy Rug Day (May 3) to Sneak Some Zucchini into Your Neighbor’s Porch Day (August 8), you’d probably assume that April 20, commonly celebrated as Cannabis Day,” would be a given. However, on their official website, The National Day Calendar lists only the following holidays under April 20th:

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