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@420oldfatlesbians Are Fighting the Stigmas on Weed, on Lesbians, Fat People, Old People’

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Sue and Lee — the Maine couple known as @420oldfatlesbians — have garnered quite the social media following since they started smashing stigmas and hitting bongs on Instagram.

The couple got the idea to make short Instagram videos of themselves smoking up shortly after they retired and left Florida to live in Maine. 

After we moved here, we realized how open weed growing and weed using was,” Sue told NBC. There’s a lot of dispensaries, there’s a lot of grow-equipment shops, so that speaks to what’s going on.”

The welcoming environment for cannabis consumers inspired them to make videos designed to combat the stigmas on weed, on lesbians, fat people, old people.” And they hope the short clips will help other’s feel comfortable in their own skin.

People need to just be who they are and not worry about what others think.”

The plan seems to be working, as the self described old fat lesbians” have garnered almost 80,000 followers just over the past month.

While Sue and Lee have only recently started celebrating their love of cannabis publicly, neither of them are new to the plant. Sue says she’s a longtime consumer who saw the good cannabis can do for people during her time as an end-of-life caregiver.

I have turned my friends onto the healing powers of it, and I would love for it to be federally legal and the stigma taken out of it,” she said.

Lee, on the other hand, began using cannabis as a means to treat pain stemming from a neck surgery.

It’s really incredible what marijuana does with pain compared to opioids. Opioids, you just get addicted to them, and they really don’t help the pain, because you need to take more and more and more, but marijuana is great, because you can’t overdose, and it just really, really helps the body.”

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