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Cannabis Bars Become the Latest Trend at Weddings

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Goodbye champagne. Cannabis-themed weddings are the latest craze sweeping across the United States. As marijuana is being legalized across the country, it is equally stirring up the wedding industry. Decoration, food and cocktails, and even the wedding gown and suit are being enhanced with weed.

Cannabis is being widely legalized for recreational purposes

Twenty-six states, as well as the District of Columbia, already have laws broadly legalizing marijuana in for medical and/​or recreational purposes. Regulatory proposals are currently being debated around the use and sale of marijuana, around the amount residents can legally possess, and around restrictions for retail stores too. 

Marijuana is the new champagne

Marijuana’s increasing normalcy is transforming it into a product that is being incorporated in various events in the United States, especially where its recreational use is legal now. Marijuana is now a key feature in bachelor’s parties, in grown-up weed parties, in high-end weed parties, amongst other events.

It has evolved from its association with hippies into a grown-up product with gourmet variants. And weddings are one of the means marijuana is being classed up, requiring a high level of sophistication and quality. In Colorado, for example, it is becoming common for the newly-wed couple to be welcomed in fragrant marijuana smoke.

Professionals in the wedding industry are revamping their business

The decriminalization of marijuana has urged wedding planners, photographers, make-up artists and venue owners to be proactive and let brides and grooms know that they are not going to freak out. Professionals in the wedding industry were quick to react: the Cannabis Wedding Expo was set up as an opportunity for couples and businesses related to cannabis to come together and learn how to safely integrate marijuana into their wedding day in sophisticated manners. It is the first world’s cannabis wedding expo and was held in Denver in January last.


Love and Marij is another successful business igniting the wedding industry and other cannabis events as well by connecting couples with vendors and planners. Ideas are not lacking for wedding ceremonies: brides can have their wedding gown made of hemp silk, while grooms can have pot-leaf-shaped cuff links. Bouquets and boutonnieres can be designed with smokable buds and couples can even wish to smoke while tying the knot. Artistic approaches are most welcome.

Marijuana bar and lounges to green the party

The bud bar is the most popular feature in a cannabis-themed wedding. Based on the couple’s wishes and venue’s rules, the bar can be anything from a small bar in a corner to a private smoking lounge allowing 21-year and older guests. Menu listings are provided listing the strains available, pre-rolled joints, infused candies and drinks or vaporizers.

Ideas to stock the cannabis bar

It is great enough to decide to include cannabis at your wedding. However, without a proper planning and budget, things can go out of hand. Andrew Mieure of Top Shelf Budtending shares his views and tips to throw the perfect weed wedding.

Assessing the list of guests

The very first step in the planning is to check the guest list and decide who would choose to consume marijuana and who would abstain. Next, decide who would prefer to smoke and who would prefer edibles. Think about the tolerance level of the guests as well, and consider first timers and usual smokers too. From this, you can calculate your budget. Generally, ¼ to ½ of the guests in wedding having 100 to 200 guests will partake in marijuana.

Engage a budtender to ensure things roll out smoothly

It is important to engage the services of a budtender for this day. The latter will see to it that new cannabis users or first-timers are safe and not over served. He will be the appropriate person to advise guests on the various strains and other choices available and on the expected effects. The budtender will equally guide in dosing regarding concentrates and edibles. It is recommended to stock 0.5 to 1 gram of marijuana per guest so that the bar does not go dry.

Edibles, on the other hand, are consumed differently. It is advised to serve approximately 2.5mg THC for first-timers and up to 10mg THC for highly experienced consumers. It is assumed that about ¼ of guests in a wedding partake in cannabis edibles and concentrates. 

What to serve?


Obviously, the first thing that comes to mind when deciding to offer marijuana at your wedding is to make a couple strains of bud available and letting guests choose, combine or make their own hybrids. Aside from smoking variants, couples can opt for edibles and concentrates that however, are safer for more experienced users.

Additionally, should you wish to include alcohol at your ceremony, choose wine over other types of alcoholic drinks. Wine pairs nicely with marijuana. Cannabis can also bring out flavors in certain food and craft beer as well.

Some of the best cannabis strains to serve are:

Designating a specific location

Not all of your guests may wish to smoke or stay near to smoke. Kids are also likely to be present at the wedding. It is thus best to keep a specific area for the consumption of marijuana. Generally, this location is not in the center of the reception area and can be a discrete area.

Incorporating hemp paper products

Your cannabis-themed wedding may start from the invitation itself. You can use hemp paper for invitation cards and the menu. Hemp paper and cannabis leaves can be used for decoration as centerpieces.

Banner image: leafly​.com

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