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Cannabis Users Lead More Active Social Lives Than Non-Users, Poll Shows

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Archaic stereotypes suggest most cannabis consumers would rather get to the bottom of a family-sized bag of Funyuns on the living room couch than do pretty much anything else – ever.

A new survey commissioned by Civilized determined that was a myth. 

The survey – conducted by market research agency PSB with more than 1,600 North American adults – found that cannabis consumers, in fact, often lead far more active social lives than non-consumers.

In the survey, participants were asked how often they engaged in various social activities over the last three months.

When it came to hitting up pubs, bars or clubs, 38 percent of U.S. cannabis users reported doing so in the last three months, compared with 22 percent of non-users. In Canada, 52 percent of cannabis users went to the bar, compared to 30 percent of non-users.

The survey also found that 17 percent of U.S. cannabis users and 18 percent of Canadian cannabis users attended a sporting event in the last three months (compared to 12 percent of U.S. non-users and 14 percent Canadian non-users.)

Findings also indicated that while 19 percent of U.S. cannabis users attended a concert or music festival in the last three months, a mere 10 percent of non-users in the U.S. did the same. The data was similar in Canada, with 19 percent of cannabis users getting their groove on compared to 11 percent of non-users.

This is not news to people in the industry who have long known the stereotypes are false. Hmbldt, a producer of vape pens, currently has a campaign called Go420, which promotes 420 ways to enjoy a socially active lifestyle as a cannabis consumer.

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Jackie Subeck, CEO of Hey Jackpot and avid 420 Games athlete

Jackie Subeck, CEO of cannabis consulting firm Hey Jackpot and avid 420 Games athlete, believes that cannabis is an inherently social substance.

I think the big difference between cannabis and other mood changers is that cannabis is something that engages people in social interactions and social activities,” said Subeck, who often pairs cannabis with hiking, yoga, biking or going to the movies with friends.

How often do you see someone smoking a joint by themselves? Usually it’s with a group of people… because marijuana is not an isolator. It’s something that people tend to want to do with each other.”

Whether you’re enjoying the company of your fellow human beings, a riveting performance by your favorite musician, or Mother Nature herself, cannabis acts as a bonding agent”, said Subeck.

Cannabis is an enhancer. It heightens your senses and your awareness and allows you to pay more attention to your surroundings… it causes you to move a little bit slower through life in a more introspective way,” she said. There are times for the couch, of course… but one of the many great aspects of cannabis is [how it enhances] social experiments with other people. 

When I [consume cannabis], I don’t want to just sit there and stare at the walls. I want to go out and enjoy the world.”

Civilized partnered with PSB to conduct a survey of more than 1,600 North American adults to explore modern cannabis culture. PSB is a world renowned global strategic communications advisory based in Washington D.C. With roots in innovative political campaign strategy, PSB is a full-service research and insights agency engaging blue-chip organizations across all sectors.

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