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How To Hide The Smell Of Weed Like A Pro

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Although weed does not smell bad per se, it has a strong, distinct smell that is not easy to ignore. This smell could be irritating to some people, such as your family members. Your friends might have already become accustomed to the smell because they might be your smoking buddies.

You do not want your car or house to smell like weed all the time. It will certainly not go down well with your landlord. Whatever reason you may have to hide the smell of weed, these few tips will help you do it like a pro.

Get The Right Strain

Start by ensuring that you get the right kind of weed. When you buy some, make sure that the buds are completely dry and free from moisture. These buds will definitely have the strong natural smell of weed but trust me, they will be smelling better and tasting better than moist ones.

Store Your Weed Well

This is an important step. If you do not want to have your clothing, house, and belongings smelling of pot all the time, you should store this weed in airtight places. The best way is to store in airtight jars. Mason jars work perfectly for this.

Smoke In The Right Place

Don’t smoke around pillows, towels, blankets or pieces of clothing you don’t want to smell—those signature cannabis scents love to stick to fabrics.

If you prefer to smoke in your car make sure you roll down the windows so that the fumes can escape. But make sure to do it in a secluded area since most states don’t allow for public consumption.

Use Smoke-Free Ways Of Consumption

How about finding a smoke-free way to smoke weed? There are many ways to do that. The most common way is probably use of edible products. Although edibles do have a strong smell when you’re preparing them, they will be scent free by the time they’re ready to eat.

You can also use a sploofa device that you blow the smoke into after you take a puff. It acts as a neutralizer to the smoke. You can find videos of how to make your own online.

Vaporizers are also pretty effective at masking the smell of cannabis. They have flavors and scents that are pretty effective in neutralizing the strong, natural smell of weed. You can choose practically any type of flavor you wish. Research has also shown that vaping is a better way of consuming cannabis as it is hygienic and preserves all the important elements without bringing out the toxic stuff.

The Trick Is Airflow

Trying to get rid of the weed smell in your house? The trick is ensuring that you have good ventilation and air circulation. You can open the windows to allow for more air into the house. People who have a balcony have it less tough as this presents the opportunity for free and abundant circulation of air. If you have a fan in your place you can try giving that a spin too.

Vacuum Your Carpet

The smell has a funny way of sticking to stuffy places and the carpet is one of the obvious culprits. Use scented candles to keep the room smelling fresh after the weed smell has dissipated.

Scrub the Air

If you’ve got the spare change, investing in an air purifier can be a real lifesaver too.

Wash Yourself

To keep yourself from smelling like weed, you can pop a mint, change clothes and take a shower. Remember to use shampoo as much of the smell will most probably be stuck in your hair. Also, ensure that you keep yourself hydrated by drinking a lot of water.

Smoke Outdoors

This is the best way to smoke weed with your friends without worrying about any inhibitions on the smell. There is an abundant flow of fresh air out there. Ensure that you are doing everything right so you do not get into trouble with the law and other locals. Weed tends to give you the happy feeling’ effect, which is great if you are in a party. You may get loud and rowdy and this might not be very welcome.

Use A Pipe Instead Of Paper

If you’re smoking a joint that means you’re actually going to be stuck with the smell of burning paper on top of the cannabis aromas. In this case you can use a pipe instead. Pipes are made of a material that is not combustible, so you won’t have to worry about dealing with another smell.

Smoke Just What You Can In One Session

Pack one-hitters. Ensure that you smoke only what you can handle at that particular moment. This will ensure that you do not have excess weed or semi-burnt blunts lying around. There will be ash only and this minimizes the smell and makes it easy to dispose of as well.

Just Give It Time

Know the saying that time heals all wounds? Well, it works here too. Eventually, if given sufficient time, the smell will disappear on its own.

Other people advice putting a towel on the cracks under the door. I do not know much about the effectiveness of this but you can give it a try if that’s how bad you want to get rid of the smell of weed from your room. I doubt it will very effective though.

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