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I Have a Million Negative Thoughts About Drugs, But I’ve Always Maintained that They Should Be Legal’: Howard Stern

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Notorious talk show host Howard Stern talks about drugs on SiriusXM so often, you might assume that he enjoys unwinding with a joint every day after work. But that isn’t the case. Stern is not a fan of any drugs, let alone cannabis, but just because he’s against drugs doesn’t mean he’s against drug reform. In fact, Stern wants the federal government to legalize all drugs, even though he’s not interested in having any.

There’s such a stigma about drug use and addiction in this country. It’s a shame. Especially the way it’s criminalized,” Stern wrote in his new book — Howard Stern Comes Again’, which was released today.

I may have a million negative thoughts about drugs,” he added, but I’ve always maintained that they should be legal. All of them. Locking someone up over a drug is absurd.”

Stern also opened up about his own experience with drugs and why he avoids them.

I tried them early in my life, but I realized pretty quickly they weren’t for me. I think they mess up your entire outlook. I think they destroy your work ethic,” he said, which may make you wonder why he spends so much time talking about them on his show. According to Stern, he brings up drugs so often because it’s a common theme in many people’s lives, but few media outlets discuss the issue openly and fairly.

I know it’s a subject all my listeners have some experience with, if not themselves then with family members or friends. It’s something they can relate to. Yet there are few shows or other media outlets that actually talk about drugs in a way that doesn’t vilify them or look down on people who use them.”

So Stern hopes to change the tone of drug conversations by discussing them differently on his show.

By talking about drugs in an honest way, I feel like I’m doing my part to take away that stigma. Maybe that means one of my listeners can have a similarly honest conversation about drugs with someone in their own life.”

The book then curates interviews with cannabis icons like Seth Rogen and Snoop Dogg while also offering snippets with other celebrities who have had good, bad or indifferent run-ins with drugs.

Check out a free preview of Howard Stern Comes Again’ by clicking here.

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