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Laganja Estranja’s Holiday Gift Guide

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If you’re holiday shopping for the cannabis lover in your life and don’t know where to start, look no further than this highly curated gift guide, brought to you by cannabis drag queen Laganja Estranja. As an expert in all things weed, Laganja’s got you covered on everything from cannabis accessories to actual infused products. 

You might recognize Laganja from RuPaul’s Drag Race. Jay Jackson, aka Laganja Estranja, is a world-renowned female illusionist, choreographer, music artist, cannabis advocate and LGBTQ+ icon. Jackson holds a degree in dance and choreography from the California Institute of the Arts and regularly performs at festivals and events around the world. To date, Jackson’s performed in 14 countries spanning five continents. Jackson’s original music, videos and social media content including YouTube and the drag-centric platform World of Wonder have garnered hundreds of millions of views online.

Confections by Greater Goods 

Laganja says: Hibiscus is one of my favorite flavors, and I believe every meal should have dessert. So these confections are the perfect way to end your day!”

Greater Goods makes wonderful, happy CBD things like Marshmallow Bön Bons, the Orange Ginger Bar, the Mint Hibiscus Bar and the Mocha Crunch Bar. Innovative, creative, and defiantly optimistic, Greater Goods is on a mission to rescue the world from the mundane and free the masses from the conventional expectations of CBD. Every product is crafted by hand in small batches in Portland, Oregon, using tasty, conscientious ingredients and organically cultivated full spectrum hemp oil for the best quality, flavor, and experience. Greater Goods can be found at select retailers throughout the U.S., and online. https://​www​.hel​logreater​.com

Promo code: laganja20” for 20% off

Skincare Products by TAYLOR + tess 

Laganja says: CBD just makes sense for the skin; there are so many benefits from collagen production to reducing inflammation, and I’m especially enjoying TAYLOR + tess’ facial toning spray appropriately called the Quickie.” 

TAYLOR + tess is a family-run, Black woman-owned, CBD skincare line that is formulated with effective, plant-based ingredients that our ancestors have been using for hundreds and thousands of years. We are committed to destigmatizing cannabis/​hemp and social equity efforts that help our black and brown sisters and brothers who are incarcerated for their use of a plant that people are capitalizing on and denying them access to. [High]-quality products for the conscious consumer. For women, men, neither and both®. https://​tay​lo​randt​ess​.com

Promo code: HEMP4THEHOLIDAYS” for 20% off

Journals + Prints by Goldleaf

Laganja says: These journals are perfect for the canna-curious who want to learn more about the plant and journal their cannabis adventures.”

With all of the myths and misconceptions surrounding the cannabis conversation, it’s easy to miss the forest for the trees. Goldleaf brings a clear and credible perspective to the cannabis community by pairing compelling design with the latest peer-reviewed research, making the complex more approachable— beautiful, even. Specializing in guided notebooks and elegant print design for cannabis patients, growers and enthusiasts alike, Goldleaf products are available worldwide. Based in Cincinnati, Ohio, Goldleaf also provides custom design services for like-minded organizations around the world. https://​shop​goldleaf​.com

Promo code: LAGANJA” for 15% off

Hello Mellow Capsules by Good Jane

Laganja says: We all know I am notorious for feeling attacked. That’s why I love these CHILL PILLS!!” 

Good Jane was born out of utter exhaustion from grown-up life. Hello Mellow helps take the edge off of stress and anxiety and keep you chill throughout the day, no matter what life (or your two year old) throws at you. https://​shop​good​jane​.com

Promo code: CHILLHOLIDAY” for 15% off 

Soul Shine Candle + Essential Oil Inhaler by Make & Mary

Laganja says: I love candles that fill the whole haus! The Make & Mary Soul Shine Cannabis candle not only smells good, it also doubles as a beautiful, reusable and smell-proof container. This product is truly a two-in-one much like a Qween.”

Make & Mary believes that beauty can be holistic, feminine, and radical all at once. Make & Mary’s luxurious clean skin care solutions and lifestyle products are organic, wild-crafted, vegan, non-gmo, cruelty free, and full spectrum. Every product is custom formulated and crafted in-house with ingredients from local and regional sources with shared values. https://​make​and​mary​.com

Promo code: LaganjaLove” for a special discount 

Relaxation Gummies by Winged 

Laganja says: Winged is a bright, energetic flavor with a perfect consistency; a piece of summer in your mouth OCKURRR!” 

Winged is CBD product line formulated exclusively for a woman’s body. The brand addresses the most common issues facing today’s woman such as stress, mood support, sleep improvement and hormonal balance because we believe that when a woman feels good, she is unstoppable. Winged is for the woman who harnesses the power of cannabinoids so she can catch her breath, stand up tall, and take flight.


Promo code: hempholiday20” for 20% off

Glow Booster + Glow Balm by Undefined Beauty

Laganja says: C’mon NATCH! Nothing says youth quite like glowing skin, that’s why I love this booster and balm.” 

Time has come to break the rules, change the narrative and democratize beauty: #LiveUndefined. Undefined Beauty is clean beauty meets CBD meets social impact, normalizing the beautiful botanical power of cannabis into high performance, accessible products. Undefined Collective elevates female-founded, minority owned, LGBTQ brands across categories. Let’s change the game together. https://​un​-defined​beau​ty​.com

Apple Cider Vinegar by Potli

Laganja says: My therapist once suggested I try drinking apple cider vinegar to start my day, creating a little bit of internal heat. Ever since then, I have awakened my immune system every morning this way! And what better way to do that than with Potli with a touch of CBD.”

Potli is the premier purveyor of cannabis and hemp infused kitchen pantry items like honey, olive oil, chili oil, and apple cider vinegar. By infusing raw, meticulously sourced ingredients with the highest quality full or broad spectrum cannabinoids, Potli makes integrating the health benefits of cannabis into your daily routine seamless and delicious. Our apple cider vinegar is made from raw, unfiltered, all natural apple cider vinegar and 135mg of nano emulsified hemp CBD. It’s the ultimate superfood with cleansing, balancing, and anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety benefits. Perfect for dressings, baking, or a shot in the morning to infuse self-care into even the busiest time of day. https://​www​.potlish​op​.com

Promo code: laganja” for 10% off, ends 1130

Bath Bomb + Roll On by Hari Om Hemp 

Laganja says: I truly love the clean smell of the Hari bath bomb, and I personally love when the bombs are comprised of things that float on top of the surface.”

Hari Om Hemp was founded on the belief in alternative and holistic therapies. We strive to provide the highest quality and safe products. All products are third party tested in an outside facility to avoid tampering with results. We have direct relations with a USDA certified organic farm that is located in Eugene, Oregon. Hari Om Hemp provides complete transparency in all of their products and take pride in being able to be open and honest with all of our consumers. Always Natural, Never Synthetic. https://​har​i​omhemp​.com

Promo code: HOLIDAYS20” for 20% off 

Decorative Piece by My Bud Vase

Laganja says: I love My Bud Vase; it’s truly the unicorn of cannabis collections. Its very unique style and 2‑in‑1 multipurpose use is a MUST HAVE item for your home. It looks classy, OCKURRRR!!”

From our signature collections to our one-of-a-kind artisan pieces, each My Bud Vase™ is elegantly crafted to bring art, expression, and discretion to your cannabis lifestyle. Make it a focal point or hide it in plain sight, the choice is yours. Just Enjoy! Aurora’s mesmerizing iridescence shines like a beacon of creativity. She is an electrical phenomenon characterized by her natural display of colors. Lustrous and luxurious, Aurora’s magnetism can be felt as you hold her. Only seen at a high latitude, she’s the perfect partner to take you out of this world. https://​mybud​vase​.com

Promo code: LAGANJA15” for 15% off 

Infuser by LEVO 

Laganja says: This inconspicuous, elegant product is perfect for anyone trying to fool Mom and Dad. They will never question your cooking again!”

LEVO is the first of its kind: a premium kitchen appliance that allows you to infuse any butter, oil or honey with herbs at home, mess-free. We’ve automated the traditional process of botanical infusion that’s usually messy and tedious, so you can enjoy homemade edibles, wellness products, and other creations at the touch of a button. https://​lev​ooil​.com

Promo code: LAGANJA” for 20% off 

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