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Most Cannabis Consumers Want to Smoke Up with Their Parents

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For some, the perfect smoke session would involve splitting a spliff with a cannabis icon like Willie Nelson, Snoop Dogg or Seth Rogen. But what about adding your parents to that mix? While the idea of having a puff with Mom and Dad might sound like a major buzzkill to some, the majority of cannabis consumers are actually keen on splitting a joint with their parents, according to the results of Civilized’s 2019 Cannabis Culture Poll.

Civilized recently teamed up with PSB Research and Burson Cohn and Wolf to survey 1,000 Americans and over 600 Canadians about cannabis culture. One question focused specifically on how comfortable respondents would be with certain members of their social circle trying cannabis. The overwhelming majority of American and Canadian cannabis consumers (90 percent) told us they’d be fine with their parents using cannabis. 

On top of that, 67 percent of American consumers and 53 percent of Canadian cannabis connoisseurs said they would be comfortable with enjoying a joint around their folks. So since 9 in 10 consumers are also cool with the idea of their folks trying cannabis, it isn’t a stretch to say that they’d be okay with their mom or dad asking to partake in a smoke sesh. 

A surprising number of respondents added that they would be comfortable with having a puff around their grandparents as well. Over half of American (55 percent) and more than a third of Canadian consumers (39 percent) said they didn’t have a problem with consuming cannabis around grandma and grandpa.

That level of comfort shows how willing people are to shrug off the stigmas surrounding marijuana and be open with loved ones about their cannabis use. And given how comfortable the average consumer is with those loved ones trying marijuana, we might see cannabis edibles become a staple for family picnics in the future.

The Cannabis Culture Poll is an annual study commissioned by Civilized in partnership with PSB Research and Burson Cohn & Wolfe. In March 2019, the poll surveyed 1,602 adults from coast-to-coast in the U.S. and Canada. The research groups, consisting of both cannabis consumers and non-users, were asked a variety of questions about their views about cannabis as well behaviors, habits, and personal experiences.

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