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One of the Most Cannabis-Friendly Superheroes Is Getting His Own TV Show

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Swamp Thing may not be the biggest name in DC Comics, but he certainly is one of the most cannabis-friendly superheroes around.

Comic books have a long and complicated history with cannabis. Depicting the drug in comic books was outright banned by the Comics Code Authority back in the 1950s. And while the Code doesn’t have much real power these days, cannabis continues to be largely absent from mainstream comic books.

However, DC’s Swamp Thing’ comics are a notable exception. Swamp Thing first got introduced to cannabis back in the mid-90s, when the creature is shown using his powers to instantaneously grow a marijuana plant for some party goers to enjoy.

And, more recently, celebrated comic book artist (and cannabis icon in his own right) Alan Moore gave Swamp Thing a decidedly cannabis-themed makeover for the first issue of The Witching Hour.’

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