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The 12 Strains of Christmas

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Tis the season for jolly Christmas songs and festive cannabis strains. If you’re looking to put together a playlist and a puff-list for the holidays, check out these holiday greens.

1. Dreaming of a Green Christmas

Looking for a white Christmas? Check out Permafrost, a sativa-dominant hybrid with pine-green buds glazed with thick clusters of trichome crystals. So thick that some nugs look like little snowglobes. This minty strain is perfect for relaxing after a stressful day of last-minute shopping. 

2. Ave Marijuana

Santa Maria is as sweet, joyful and uplifting as its namesake. But it’s definitely not meek and mild. No, this sativa-heavy strain energizes the mind and gets the creative juices flowing. Much like this unconventional take on a yuletide standard by Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell.

3. An Aloha State Christmas

Don’t let the frosty appearance fool you. Hawaiian Snow is a citrusy strain bred from a trinity of potent sativas: Haze, Neville’s Haze and Hawaiian Haze. Combined, they offer a jubilant high that’s great for a sunny Christmas spent giggling with friends over a turkey luau.

4. The Marijuana Magi

No, the sativa-heavy 3 Kings hybrid isn’t named after Balthasar, Caspar and Melchior. The name comes from the relaxing strain’s three ancestors: Headband, Sour Diesel and OG Kush. But its pungent, earthy resinous scent is about as heavy as frankincense and myrrh.

5. Nutcracker Sweet

A lot of cannabis connoisseurs will be seeing visions of Sugar Plum Fairy buds pirouetting in their heads on Christmas Eve. This sativa produces an uplifting, cerebral high that’s as potent as the holiday spirit.

6. Crèche Kush

Just like its namesake, the strain known as Jesus is perfect for adding more joy to the world. This hybrid relaxes the body and energizes the mind with an uplifting high.

[embed width=“1280” height=“720” class=“media-video” thumbnail=“”][/embed]

7. Rudolph the Red-Eyed Reindeer

Need to pull an all-nighter wrapping gifts? Forget energy drinks and have a puff of Red Haze instead. According to the reviewers at Leafly, this powerful sativa is like drinking a cup of coffee.

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8. Silver Buds

Christmastime in the city can be aggravating enough to make sidewalk Santas ring their bells in a white-knuckled grip. If you need to relax while staying focused during the holiday, check out Silver Kush — a sativa-dominant hybrid that will make your stress melt away without clouding your mind with a heady buzz.

[embed width=“480” height=“360” class=“media-video” thumbnail=“”][/embed]

9. Silent Night

If you tend to feel frazzled after Christmas dinner, plan ahead and get a gram of Deep Sleep — a purple, indica-heavy hybrid that’s guaranteed to give you a night off from counting sheep.

[embed width=“320” height=“180” class=“media-video” thumbnail=“”][/embed]

10. Hanukkah Haze

The Jewish Festival of Lights falls during Christmastime this year. And if you or someone you know gets aches and pains from lightning the monorah, check out Kosher Kush — an earthy indica that soothes aches and pains and induces sleep. 

[embed width=“480” height=“360” class=“media-video” thumbnail=“”][/embed]

11. OG Tannenbaum

The Tree of Life strain doesn’t have tinsel or colored lights, but it will boost your Christmas cheer with its incense boquet and zesty orange taste. And the sativa-dominant hybrid can also get your creative juices flowing while planning a last-minute gift.

[embed width=“1920” height=“1080” class=“media-link” thumbnail=“”][/embed]

12. Auld Dank Syne

If you want to start the New Year on a high note, check out Blue Champagne — a sweet, sativa-dominant hybrid that will give you some pep while ringing in 2017.

[embed width=“320” height=“180” class=“media-video” thumbnail=“”][/embed]

h/​t Leafly.

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