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The Bespoke Experience Will Dominate the Cannabis Landscape in 2019

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Canna-curious’ was the word of the year for cannabis culture in 2018. But in 2019, the word that will dominate the cannabis conversation is bespoke. 

That’s because products and experiences that are tailor-made to suit specific consumers will be the top trend in the cannabis industry for the year ahead. This comes according to The Next Report — a cannabis trend forecast released by the Toronto-based cannabis producer 48North with research from two of the world’s leading experts of upcoming trends: WGSN and JWT Intelligence. Based on their studies, the custom approach will loom large in the cannabis industry for 2019. 

Legalization has paved the way for major advancements in bespoke, customizable products and services across the lifestyle, age and health-and-wellness spectrums,” the report noted. As the rollout of legalized cannabis continues, 48North and its peers will be at the forefront of developing innovative products and brands, proudly inviting cannabis into our homes and wellness routines, and using the plant to heighten our food, travel and leisure activities.”

Here’s what that means for today’s cannabis consumers.

Bespoke dosing

One major focus of the tailored trend will be customized dosing that suits the specific needs and preferences of individual consumers.

With cannabis, low dosing and micro dosing allow for bespoke, personalized experiences,” noted 48North’s trend report. And with the next phase of legalization expected in October 2019, there will be more ways to make our cannabis experiences our own.”

That’s because next fall will see the Canadian government follow through on plans to introduce cannabis-infused edibles and lotions to the market, which will give people plenty of alternatives to smoking or vaping. Edibles and lotions will also offer better dose control. Instead of having to guesstimate how many puffs to take for an optimal experience, consumers will be able to ingest or absorb exactly how much THC/CBD they want through products with precise doses.

But this personal dosing also relies on consumers getting comfortable with all of cannabis’ abilities. 48North is focusing on softer forms of education with Latitude, an interactive storytelling platform that aims to empower women to engage with and learn from each other’s experiences with personal cannabis use. It’s an easy introduction into a new era of discovery.

And the bespoke approach goes beyond just offering more dosing options. Cutting-edge brands will be able to offer consumers the optimum amount of THC/CBD based on their unique physiology.

Look out for companies like Endocanna Health to step up personal dosing by analyzing each individual’s unique endocannabinoid system,” noted the report. This DNA information makes dosing, consumption and wellness plans customizable, maximizing the effects of cannabinoids according to each body’s unique composition.”

Bespoke products

This year will see cannabis break into the superfoods scene — as well as the bedroom — in a big way, according to The Next Report.

As companies continue to refine and isolate cannabinoids like CBD, THC and CBN, we will see the next generation of supplements designed to elevate health and well-being.”

That means consumers will be able to buy cannabinoid-rich nutraceuticals that combine a mix of healthful ingredients with targeted medical benefits” to suit their specific needs. For instance, Aceso — a Colorado-based producer of health and wellness products — is using a mixture of CBD extracts and other natural ingredients to make a powder that relaxes the brain.

Consumers will also be able to customize their sexual experience with products dedicated to personalized indulgence.” Those products will use cannabis to boost sex drive, heighten sexual stimulation and more.

Coming to the market in 2019 are cannabis-infused, sex-enhancing products designed to improve our libidos, enhance performance or heighten our senses for more titillating self-exploration.”

And let’s not forget about what’s on the bedside table. The Next Report predicts we’ll start seeing high-inspired cutting-edge cannabis accessories we can be proud to display.” This has already showed up in F8, a line of purposeful, versatile and beautiful accessories by 48North, which reimagines the tradition and future of cannabis for a new generation of consumers.

Bespoke experiences

Consumers who want to unplug from technology and reconnect with themselves will have plenty of opportunities for self-care experiences thanks to the coming boom in cannabis tourism.

With a growing demand for cannabis tourism, retreats offering infused self-care experiences emphasizing the plant’s most soothing qualities are hot, hot, hot and high, high, high for 2019,” according to The Next Report. Expect to find more cannabis-centric websites like The Highly, The Travel Joint, and Bud and Breakfast offering directories of customized experiences for cannabis-minded travellers.”

And those who aren’t interested in traveling can take a culinary adventure in 2019. Cannabis chefs are expected to up their game this year by offering next-level infusions that will appeal to the specific tastes of cannabis connoisseurs. 

It has become increasingly popular for chefs to engage in experiential cannabis activations featuring playful ingredients and thoughtful dosing,” the report noted. In 2019, we expect to see this trend move to the next level, with edible cannabis products going beyond THC and CBD infusions. Chefs will play with the senses through unique flavour profiles inspired by terpenes (organic molecules that convey flavour) found in cannabis. With over 20,000 naturally occurring terpenes in existence, of which more than 100 are found in various cannabis strains, there are endless possibilities.”

And with that many options, cannabis consumers won’t have a problem finding an infused dish that appeals to their particular flavor palate.

Astrotourism, Designer Paraphernalia and More

The bespoke approach to cannabis is the top trend for 2019, but it’s not the only one. Astrotourism, designer paraphernalia and other trends are set to take off as well. For more, check out the full Next Report from 48North by clicking here.

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