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The Cannabis Lover’s Gift Guide

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Whether you’re shopping for the ganja lover in your life or looking for some non-psychoactive options to introduce a loved one to cannabis, it can be overwhelming deciding what to buy. From flower and extracts to topicals and edibles, not to mention a host of accessories to spice up your cannabis routine, we’ve got you covered with some gift ideas for each of these categories. While holiday shopping can be hectic enough, these products will help you and yours relax, unwind, and enjoy the season. 

Smoking Accessories & Gear


Arguably the best vaporizer on the market,” the DaVinci Miqro is the smallest portable vaporizer on the market, designed to help consumers microdose on the go throughout the day. Small enough to fit in your person, the MIQRO also features a mechanism to adjust the oven capacity up to 50 percent to heat up your ground up cannabis as much or as little as you’d like.

— — — —

Puffco Peak

This smart rig” will help you unlock the flavors in your cannabis concentrates so you can maximize on their clearest expression and potency. Small enough to fit into the palm of your hand, and featuring various different color schemes (reminiscent of a lava lamp), you can carry this device with you when you’re on the go.

— — — —

Magical Butter Machine

Designed for creating cannabis recipes based on infused butter, oil, and alcohol, the Magical Butter Machine combines an immersion blender with a digital thermostat and heating unit to grind, heat, stir, and steep your extracts at the correct times and temperatures. With this device, you can rely on easy and consistent edibles.

— — — —

Tokyo Smoke Spark Joy Burn Kit

In collaboration with artist Antti Kalevi, Tokyo Smoke’s very first limited edition burn kit includes a flip-top smoke box to serve as an on-the-go stash and joint prep kid, perfect for traveling and easy storage. The kit also includes a pack of rolling papers with filters, an aluminum poker, a grinder card, and a cardboard rolling tray.

— — — —

Ghost MV1 Vape

This on-demand, full convection vaporizer can be used with both dry herb and concentrates alike to deliver your bud’s full terpene and cannabinoid profile, with a tasty finish. A haptic vibration feedback lets the user know when it’s hot enough and ready for use, and without overheating your cannabis. 

— — — —

Up Cannabis Rolling Tray

This aluminum alloy rolling tray is tumbled, finished, and anodized in Up’s signature red hue. It features a notch on the bottom left corner for pouring so that your workspace stays clean and your joints can stay full. Durable to last a lifetime, this tray is at once luxurious and edgy.


Kikoko Cannabis-Infused Herbal Tea

Available in four classic flavors including tranquili-tea for better sleep, sympat-tea for pain, sensuali-tea for sex, and positvi-tea for enhanced mood, Kikoko’s range of teas are made from organically grown cannabis, without the weedy taste for controlled, precise micro-dosages.

— — — —

Honey Pot

Available in servings of 100 or 50 milligrams of THC, this infused honey can be mixed into tea, drizzled onto fruit, or even consumed by the spoonful when you have a sore throat. Blending the therapeutic attributes of cannabis with those of honey, known for its antibacterial properties and high levels of antioxidants, Honey Pot’s product is sourced from local California apiaries, or honey farms, coconut oil, and high-quality cannabis oil for a delicious, medicinal treat. 

— — — —

Mood33 Sparkling Herbal Beverages

These small-batch sparkling tonics are infused with cannabis flowers and natural terpenes. Available in various flavors like Joy” (peppermint, lemon, and yerba mate), Passion” (green tea, passionfruit, and lime), and Calm” (chamomile, rose hibiscus, and raspberries), each bottle contains 10 milligrams of THC and varying levels of CBD for a spectrum of relaxing to energetic effects.

— — — —

Big Pete’s Cannabis-Infused Holiday Cookie Box

This holiday cookie box will lift your spirits and enhance all around family cheer. Containing a six-pack of classic chocolate chip cookies and three single-packaged flavors for stocking stuffers, this gift box is great for sharing at parties. Moreover, just ten of the gift boxes contain a Golden Ticket” — if you’re one of the lucky winners, you’ll be able to redeem your ticket for un prizes, including a Big Pete’s Treats custom skateboard deck designed by artist Jimbo Phillips, and a Big Pete’s sweatshirt. You can look out for updates on the ticket winners by following the hashtag #HappyHolidaze.

— — — —

OLO Sublingual Strips

Whether you’re looking to feel active, focused, social, or chill, these edible strips go under the tongue for a precise, rapid, and discrete experience. Available in five-milligram dosages, you can try a microdose or dose-up in controlled, incremental measurements.

— — — —

The Goodship Chocolate Tokens

Available in various flavors like quinoa crunch and malted milkshake, Goodship’s chocolate tokens, distributed by Tilray, contain 10 milligrams of THC each, and a re made with a collection of wholesome, organic, sustainable ingredients sourced locally in Washington.


Shanti Wellness Soothe Body Balm

Crafted with a relaxing blend of lavender, eucalyptus, and 800 milligrams of CBD oil, this balm can soothe sore muscles and alleviate daily aches and pains. Whether you’re treating a specific ailment or want to add some aromatherapy to your self-care routine, you’ll want to have this in your medicine cabinet. 

— — — —

Terra Vida Skin Care

To start the new year with a fresh facial routine, Terra Vida’s line of CBD age fighting, skin reviver, face cleansing, eye, and radiance creams will contain a blend of ingredients like apple stem cells, parmityl tetrapeptiede‑7, and natural hemp oil for vitality and longevity in your skin’s stem cells. Perfect for anyone looking for a bright start to their daily routine. 

— — — —

BASK Extended Wellness Cream

Available in 150 or 400-milligram bottles of CBD, this topical is made with coconut oil and allantoin for ultimate moisturization. With a pleasant, light citrusy scent, lather it around your whole body for localized and surface-level relief. 

— — — —

Foria Pleasure

While perhaps not the first think you think of when you think topicals,” this natural arousal lubricant, infused with THC, is formulated specifically for women to increase pleasure and tactile sensations, to decrease tension and dryness, and overall to enhance orgasms. Made with sun-grown cannabis and delivered in organic coconut oil, you’ll want to share this with someone special. (Be sure not to rely on latex condoms in conjunction with this product, as the coconut oil will degrade the latex.) 

Flower & Extracts


These elegant and luxurious holiday gift boxes come in two offerings for a merry, relaxing, and stimulated holiday season: Canndescent Five, a selection of Canndescent’s five signature effects including CALM, CREATE, CONNECT, CHARGE, and CRUISE, as well as the Canndescent Duet, which includes CHARGE and CALM, the most popular effects. The gift boxes not only include top shelf cannabis bud in glass jars, but also hemp wick, premium rolling papers, and branded matches. 

— — — —

La Vida Verde Tinctures

Available in three flavors — Revive (sativa), Relax (indica), and Restore (1:1 THC/CBD) — each bottle of tincture contains 300 milligrams of THC. Infused with organic extracts of rosemary, chamomile, lemongrass, grapefruit, lavender, and other flavors, each tincture aids with specific ailments like anxiety, low energy, pain relief, or overall wellbeing. 

— — — —

Zoma Cannabis Mistletoke

What could be more festive than traditional mistletoe intertwined with cannabis? More than just a decoration, this gift will lift everyone’s holiday spirits and is sure to make a statement. Crafted with Zoma’s Envirocann organic cannabis, the Mistletoke will come in handy after the holidays when you’re ready to snap off a nug from its branches to roll into a joint. To order this gift, email info@​zomacannabis.​com. The first 50 orders will receive the Mistletoke free. 

— — — —

Glasshouse Brands’ Roam Vape Pens

Ignite your spirit of wanderlust with Glasshouse Brands’ Roam escape fuel. These soft-touch vape pens are made with all natural oil, sans fillers, and embellished with subtle flavors to captivate your taste buds, ranging in spectrum from fruity to floral to herbal. 

— — — —

Tweed Bakerstreet

This indica-dominant THC strain from Canadian cultivar Tweed is available in the form of oil, softgels, pre-rolls, or flower, characterized by dense, deep green buds with ocre pistils and frosted in trichomes. The strain is also high in the terpene, or aromatic compound, terpinolene, which is also found in juniper.

— — — —

Namaste MK-Ultra

This pungent 10 percent sativa, 90 percent indica hybrid is a powerful strain, 16 – 20 percent of which is composed of THC. It offers a sweet aroma and a great body high. It’s fruity and earthy flavors make it a very popular stain for consumers across Canada.

— — — —

Edison Reserve’s City Lights

A 15-gram pack of Edison Reserve’s City Lights offers premium, robust, indica-dominant flower with lush bud structure, a fiery jade palette, and a fresh, earthy sweet aroma with hints of mango and herbal flavors. Composed entirely of topshelf flowers, hand-manicured and craft-cured, the gift of this bud is sure to make your holidays a lot merrier. City Lights is available at licensed retailers across Canada.


Jane West CBD Coffee

For those looking for some extra nourishment with their morning routine, this non-psychoactive CBD coffee will add a boost of cannabinoid therapy without altering your daily routine. Developed in collaboration with SteepFuze, which creates CBD-infused coffee and tea, Jane West’s CBD coffee combines responsibly sourced small-batch coffee beans with full-spectrum CBD derived from organic, Colorado-grown hemp. Each 12-ounce bag contains 240 milligrams of CBD and is available in Costa Rica light roast and Mocha Java dark roast. 

— — — —

Cresco’s Remedi CBD Vape 

Designed for medicinal use and reminiscent of more a more traditional pharmaceutical format, Remedi’s vape pens are made to highlight CBD or CBN, to balance out THC levels. For those looking for consistent relief and a precisely dosed product, this vape is the perfect no-nonsense gift.

— — — —

Papa & Barkley Essentials Hemp Drops

The award-winning tincture company Papa & Barkley just launched its newest product line of THC-free hemp drops, so you can flavor your favorite holiday beverages. With these hemp drops, you can craft a number of boozeless mocktails, such as a hemp hot toddy, a hemp buttered rum, or an apple spice hemp-tini. 

— — — —

Bloom Farms CBD Tinctures

The newest duo of Bloom Farms’ products, Balance and Relieve CBD tincture come in 300 and 600 milligram doses, respectively. Whether you’re looking to enhance your general well being or to manage chronic pain and stress, these non-psychoactive oils, made from full-plant hemp extract and organic coconut oil, can become a natural addition to your daily routine.

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