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The Top 6 Marijuana Moments from Killer Mike’s Trigger Warning’

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When Netflix dropped all six episodes of the new docuseries Trigger Warning’ — created and hosted by Run The Jewels rapper Killer Mike — on the platform last week, naturally, we had to binge it.

Reminiscent of the popular Comedy Central series Nathan For You’, in which host Nathan Fielder solves real-life business problems with ridiculous, over-the-top solutions, Trigger Warning’ similarly addresses issues plaguing the black community, addressing serious issues like gangs, religion and poverty with preposterous solutions. 

As Mike is an avowed fan of cannabis, it plays a part in nearly every episode of the brief season. We decided to track these marijuana moments and narrow them down to the top the top six — one for each episode of the series.

So here they are — our list of Trigger Warning’s best marijuana moments:

Killer Mike Suffers Weed Withdrawal After Not Being Able To Find Cannabis Grown On Black Farms 

In the series’ first episode, Mike resolves to only to support black-owned and operated businesses. Holding to this rule, the rapper refuses to ride white-operated transportation, eat food produced by white people or even receive lap-dances from non-black strippers. He even spends a night on a park bench, refusing to stay in a white-owned hotel. 

But his biggest concern throughout all of this? He can’t find good weed.

When his rap partner EI‑P suggests that Mike should be able to find a black person to by weed from, he dismisses the idea, pointing out that most cannabis is grown on white farms, adding that “[white people] have a monopoly on growing drugs” — an assertion that we, too, have also unfortunately found to be true.

When the clock finally runs out on the third day, Run the Jewels in onstage for a concert, and Mike graciously accepts a spliff from the audience as his first act of breaking fast. 

Mike Gets His Wife High To Tell Her He’s Producing a Porno

Even in the least cannabis-infused episode of the series, the drug comes up. After Mike becomes determined to teach basic trades by making educational videos featuring porn actors engaging in sexual activity, he feels the need to run it by his wife first. 

In order to grease the wheels, they share a joint. While she’s a little put off by the idea, and doubtful the plan will work, she agrees. As we well know, weird ideas like these can seem a little more agreeable when high.

Crips Describe Selling Drugs While Applying for a Business Loan

The much-publicized episode in which the Crips and the Bloods create their own soda brands, the Crips start off with big ambitions for their product, Crip-a-Cola.” But, in order to start a major company, they need to secure a loan. 

This, however, becomes a problem after the loan officer asks them if they have any previous business experience. Not wanting to come out with the fact that the Crips are mostly supporting themselves by selling illegal weed, Mike approaches the subject more delicately.

It’s like, if you’re in California and you’re in the marijuana business ten years ago. You’re a trailblazer, you’re ahead of the times,” he says. 

They do not receive the loan.

Cannabis Becomes a Sacrament in The Church of Sleep

When Mike deviates from the traditional Christian church to start his own religion centered around his friend Sleepy,” a quiet gentlemen with heavy eyelids, he makes sleep the most important practice of his congregation.

And what’s one of the best ways to get sleepy? Marijuana, of course! The episode features several shots of churchgoers lighting up and sharing joints before nodding off into their holy naps. 

The church also adopts the credo Do Dope, Fuck Hope,” a common saying of Sleepy’s, and a track off of Run the Jewels’ first album.

Mike Tries to Break the Ice With Senior Citizen by Talking about Weed

In the show’s fifth episode, which saw the rapper try and use music to unite people who are traditionally socially and politically divided, Mike visits a retirement home to put on a rap concert. 

Before performing a barbershop version of Lie, Cheat, Steal,” he made sure that he knew what he was getting into, meeting with one of the home’s most vocally conservative residents. To open the conversation, he tried to find common ground, asking, Have you ever smoked marijuana?” 

She concedes that she had, although just once and didn’t experience any effects.

The interview, honestly, just goes downhill from there as they begin to talk about race and gun violence. But, if only for a fleeting moment, they did seem to connect on the common ground of cannabis.

A Weed Farm is the Dominant Industry of New Africa”

In the final episode of the season, Mike gathers many of the most colorful characters featured in the preceding five episodes to secede from America, and create his own enclave state in Atlanta called New Africa”.

In the initial design, they try to make this new nation a self-sustaining one, and Mike is insistent that it devote a major section of its land to a weed farm. The citizens however, aren’t capable of cooperating long enough to actually produce any cannabis. 

While the finished result feels more like Waco, Texas than it does Vatican City, it’s hard to shake the notion that the nation would have been far less internally volatile if they had time to actually grow their plants.

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